Best Way To Reduce Wrinkles Under Eyes

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When it comes to regular cosmetic eye treatment that does not require a prescription to purchase, Talakoub suggests iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex. It’s not surprising since the brand is loved by dermatologists and experts alike. The eye cream comes with many ingredients to fight wrinkles like retinol Hyaluronic Acid, vitamin E Vitamin C, peptides.

But Talakoub believes that eye creams aren’t enough. In fact there’s not a single eye cream in the market that she believes is “enough” for effectively treating wrinkles. They don’t have enough hydration by themselves this is why highly-rich moisturizers, such as the Erno Laszlo choice are required.

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Try Facial Massages

For people with minor problems with their eyes, facial exercises recommended by a certified skincare expert will help to stimulate blood flow and aid in depleting areas around the eyes. Grous suggests a relaxing Acupressure massage to increase lymphatic drainage and circulation to relax, depuff and to tone.

“Using your ring finger, apply a small amount of eye cream to the outside corner of your eye, working your way inward along the orbital bone to the inner corner.” Gently tap the cream into the skin, giving a little double-tap just before reaching the inner corner to ‘pump’ lymphatic fluid away,” Grous says. Grous. This method also increases product absorption.

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Seal in Hydration With an Oil

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