Best Way To Reduce Wrinkles Under Eyes

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The suggestions above can aid in reducing wrinkles that are already present however, it’s essential to keep in mind to prevent is always the most effective solution. Make sure to apply sunscreen every morning before you head out. It can help prevent wrinkles, and also dark spots and discoloration, which are also major results of sun damage as well as losing collagen.

This is why Talakoub suggests always wearing sunscreen. It’s Glossier’s Invisible Shield has a lightweight SPF 35 water-gel which feels similar to an oil, which makes it the perfect product for everyday protection. Combine the SPF with a pair of sunglasses which protects your eyes from damage caused by UV light while stopping you from squinting for too long.

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Be Gentle With Application

Keep in mind the prevention principle by using gentle products. Do not pull those areas of skin that are around the eyes. Instead make use of your ring finger to gently rub in the product. Talakoub warns “Don’t rub, scratch, or touch your eyes. Even pushing on the eyelid skin to put in contacts can loosen it. Deep wrinkles are common in those who wipe their eyes.”

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Eat a Healthy Diet

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