Heart-healthy diet 8 steps to avoid heart disease

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Are you ready to start your heart-healthy lifestyle? Here are eight suggestions to help you get started.

Even though you are aware that certain foods increase the risk of heart disease making changes to your diet isn’t always easy. If you’ve had many years of eating unhealthy to your credit or are looking to improve your eating habits Here are eight heart-healthy diet guidelines. Once you’ve identified what foods you should eat more of and which to avoid to, you’ll be well on the way to a healthy heart.


1. Control your portion size


What you eat equally important as the food you consume. Doing too much on your plate, eating seconds , and eating until you feel full could lead to taking in much more than you need to. Restaurant portions typically are more than one requires.

A few easy tips to manage food portions will help you improve your diet and your waistline and heart:

  • Utilize smaller plates or bowls to manage your portions.
  • Consume fewer calories and nutrient-rich food items, like fruits and vegetables
  • Consume less of high-calorie and high-sodium meals like processed, refined or fast-foods.

It’s also essential to track the amount of food you consume. Things to remember:

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