Do You Actually Need Eye Cream? Derms Settle the Debate

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Dr. Garshick defines a good candidate for eye cream as one with dark circles and fine lines, as well as puffiness and crepiness in the undereye area. “They may not be necessary for everyone,” she admits, but she suggests them for anyone “who is concerned about their undereye area or who is observing changes in the undereye area.”

If You Want to Treat Dark Circles

image: amazon

image: amazon

Dark circles may be your primary issue If you are concerned about dark circles, Dr. Garshick suggests the ingredient Niacinamide, which helps improve the appearance of your undereye area. She also recommends antioxidants like vitamin C, which can brighten and can help prevent the damage caused by free radicals. Pond’s Rejuveness Eye Cream and Olay Vitamin C Brightening Eye Cream are among her top choices.

“Veins around the eyes can cause venous pooling of blood, giving the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.” Ingredients such as arnica and vitamin K can help in reducing their appearance and their effects,” Dr. Shirazi. In addition, she cautions that puffiness and undereye bags may cast shadows and create the appearance that dark circles. When you’re suffering from swelling, it’s better to address this first instead of dark circles.

If You Want to Treat Wrinkles

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