Do You Actually Need Eye Cream? Derms Settle the Debate

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Dr. Shirazi explains that people who have sensitive skin tend to be not tolerant of the many ingredients used to treat dark circles. She also she says that eye creams may occasionally cause more issues within the eye area. “Allergic responses and inflammation can induce eyelid skin thickening and darkening,” she says. “Simply hydrating the skin improves the appearance around the eyelids.”

Dr. Garshick both suggest opting for Vaseline to form an outer layer that will seal against moisture. Dr. Garshick suggests also applying hydrating ingredients like the glycerin and hyaluronic acid which bring moisture to the skin.

Are Eye Creams Necessary?

If you’re suffering from loss of volume as a result of age, then the use of an eye cream might not be the best alternative. “It’s critical to set expectations for what an under-eye cream can do,” Dr. Garshick explains, “since there are times when botox, lasers, fillers, radiofrequency devices, microneedling, PRP, or surgical treatments are required.”

The Takeaway

Eye creams can be a beneficial supplement to your routine of skincare for those who have particular under-eye issues that you’re trying to resolve. But, since some issues might not be rectifiable such as loss of volume There are instances when the use of eye cream is not sufficient. If you’re looking to moisturize the eye area , but do not suffer from puffiness, dark circles or wrinkles, then you should definitely apply your favorite moisturizer. But, be careful not to apply any irritating ingredients like retinol and exfoliating acids.

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