Fibre Rich Food

Dietary fiber is essential to an optimum diet

Consume more fiber. You’ve heard this before. But do you understand why fiber is beneficial to your health?

Dietary fiber is found primarily in vegetables, fruits and whole grains as well as legumes–is renowned for its ability to relieve or prevent constipation. But , the foods that contain fiber may also provide health benefits as well including helping maintain an ideal weight and reducing the risk of developing diabetes as well as heart disease and certain types of cancer.

It’s not hard to find delicious food items that are rich in fiber. Learn how much dietary fiber you need, which foods are high in it, and the best way to include it in your food items and snacks.

Top 10 Fibre Rich Food

Consuming enough fiber isn’t easy even if you’re hungry for vegetables. Did you know that popcorn contains fiber? Check out the following high-fiber food items that you’ll be tempted to consume.

1. Beans

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