Fibre Rich Food

Lentils as well as other beans can be used to add fiber to your diet by eating them in soups or stews, as well as salads. Certain beans, such as Edamame (which can be described as a steaming bean) are also an excellent fiber-rich snack.There nine grams of fiber per one half cup serving of edamame that has been shelled. A bonus? These are all an excellent source of protein and protein, too. Some bakers are even incorporating beans or beans flours in their baked goods, and research has proven that beans can make high-quality cakes.

2. Broccoli

The vegetable is often referred to as the fiber-rich vegetable. Its cruciferous origins–meaning it’s part of the Brassica Genus of plants, as well as cauliflower, cabbage and kale — makes it rich in various nutrients as well as fiber. Research has shown that broccoli’s five grams of fiber per cup may positively help support the gut microbiome and aid in keeping your gut healthy and well-balanced.

3. Berries

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