How to Prevent Razor Burn, According to Dermatologists–and How to Treat It If You Get It

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The burns can be seen in any area of the body where you’ve shaved such as your legs, face as well as your underarms and bikini line.

Of all methods for removing hair available shaving is the most affordable and most efficient. If you’re not a staunch waxer, chances are you’ve used the razor while showering for an emergency defuzz.

If you’re not cautious shaving may cause irritation to you skin which can cause what’s called razor burn. It’s a red rash that may cause itching, burning or even tiny red bumps.

What is the cause of razor burn?

Anyone who shaves may experience razor burn. It could appear on any area of the body you cut, according to dermatologist Rhonda Q. Klein, MD, partner and co-owner of Modern Dermatology PC in Connecticut. That means it could be visible on your legs, face or underarms, as well as in the bikini line.

Razor burns are due to the dryness of shaving (more on this later) or a savage shaving technique, or using dull blades. “It can also occur when the hair follicle is open after shaving and an irritant enters, like salt water, chlorine, or sunscreen,” Dr. Klein tells Health.

How can I prevent razor burns

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