10 cheap and easy recipes to avoid the January slope

Despite the reduction of VAT in some food productthe inflation is still the debate at the moment, that’s why at Pronto.es we want to help you in this january costfor you to have the best time with delicious, inexpensive and very simple recipes to prepare on a daily basis.

First and second courses, recipes adapted to this unstable weather, write down the following ideas and prepare a list of ingredients to fill your basket!

How to avoid the January slope? 10 recipes that will help your pocket

Take the control of food expenses and, in general, it is already part of our daily life, and now many of us compare prices in different establishments to always get our hands on The best offer in relation to its quality.

Thanks to these recipes you will no longer need shell out a large sum of moneyIn addition, they will seduce you with their flavor!

1. Honey Beef Stew

what better than a stew to keep the body warm in mid-January?

The veal It is a type of red meat that, eaten once a week, brings great benefits to our health. Moreover, you can find it fresh in the market for a small price.

On the other hand, if you are very sporty at home, know that traditional stewslike the one in this recipe, which combine animal protein (meat, fish, poultry or eggs) with carbohydrates (potatoes, carrots, legumes, etc.) accelerate muscle recovery.

2. Baked hake with vegetables and turmeric

Within the universe of White fishhake is one of the cheapest types and you can easy cooking in the oven, on the grilletc

The hake accepts a great infinity of sauces and accompaniments, but this recipe with vegetables and turmeric It will surprise you. When this spice is cooked for more than 15 minutes, its therapeutic properties disappear by 80%. Experts recommend adding it to the recipe in the last minutes of cooking or right after turning off the heat.

Try it!

3. Bechamel chard gratin

The Swiss chard gratin with bechamel sauce It is a very complete and tasty dish, as well as cheap that you can have ready in no time and with few ingredients.

If you have more time, you can prepare a fried with onion, garlic and tomatoin which you will sauté the chard before mixing them with the bacon bits and béchamel.

4. Cream of peas with mint and poached egg

Nail mint pea cream with egg is the recipe you were looking for a whole menu. As a guide, you can brown cubes of serrano ham in a pan until crispy and sprinkle them on the Egg.

You will have the ration of vegetables and proteins guaranteed with this dish which, at the same time, will not take you down estimate.

5. Mushroom and sausage noodles

Try that noodle dish with mushrooms and sausageyou will love the result!

If you prefer broths, add an additional 300ml of broth and serve the dish straight away, to prevent the noodles from absorbing the liquid and becoming too soft.

6. Poor potatoes with peppers

The search for a quick to prepare and at the same time delicious dish? You won’t be able to resist repeating this poor potato recipe, plus the peppers on top will take your palate to another dimension.

Dare with her!

7. Rice and vegetable salad with mint

If you dare to try a dish in which mint becomes the main ingredientwith vegetables, this rice salad recipe will go your way.

Tasty, easy to prepare and transport, this recipe is an ideal option for a great contribution of energy in your day.

Fool! Rinse the rice well until the water that comes out of it is clear or use steamed rice or long rice and you will prevent it from hardening.

8. Soft rice with cod and vegetables

Nothing like fluffy rice in the middle of winter!

This recipe, which comes with cod and vegetables, is nutritionally very completebecause it contains a great contribution of carbohydrates, vegetables and proteins.

As for prepared broth, pill or tetra brik? Different studies determine that the second the option is healthier By containing much less chemical additives than the first, some brands even make the broth without adding any or very little.

9. Stir-fried chickpeas with vegetables and bacon

This starter is ideal to take advantage of any “abandoned” vegetable in the vegetable drawer and, in addition, you can stir-fry chickpeas with cabbage, peppers, eggplant, leeks or mushrooms to complete a healthy, economical and delicious dish for your everyday.

If you prefer to take care of your diet a little more and decide pop the baconyou can use, instead, cubes of serrano ham, york ham or boiled egg.

10. Cachopos with beef

these veal cachoposso exquisite and simple to prepare, you can accompany them with a vegetable cream or a mixed salad to complete your menu.

Same to the filling you can add piquillo peppers, asparagus and blue cheese. Delicious!

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