10 delicious recipes to prepare in Advent and Christmas

What if we got into “Christmas mode”? This includes times when we will be sharing a table with others

Christmas is coming. From the beginning of Advent, we will put on “in Christmas mode”. The incomparable happiness of knowing that the Son of the living God will come. It’s wonderful to see people’s reaction when I happily say, with a big smile, “Merry Christmas”.

I like this time. I live it happily, fully. I also ask you to be happy. I know that many struggle to have a good time because of the difficulties they face, loneliness, problems of all kinds.

Let’s put all our concerns and worries in the hands of the Almighty and we will have a good time, with the illusion of a child born for our salvation.

Do you have your Bible handy? Look for this wonderful prophecy in Isaiah 9:

Because a child was born to us,
a son was given to us;

they put the king’s insignia on his shoulder
and proclaims his name:
“Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
father who does not die
Prince of Peace.”

At home, the typical Christmas aromas will soon arrive. My wife Vida waits and prepares delicious punch, rich cakes and Panamanian tamales. We sang Christmas carols and put up the Christmas tree. I love this time of year.

Have you heard the old adage, “Love comes in through the kitchen?”. He says that culinary art is about striving to give the best food to those around us, it is a beautiful experience and an expression of love. At Aleteia we could publish a book exclusively with the delicacies of the convents and the delicious recipes that we have saved for you.

We would like to share some with you.

The Christmas Eve dinner offers traditional dishes from many countries.

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Now that we are starting Advent and Christmas is approaching, we are dusting them off for you. Do you dare to prepare them and send us photos with your opinions during their tasting?? Tell us who you prepared them for, what they thought of them… I leave you my personal email so that you can write to me [email protected]

Gather the family for a culinary feast

Let’s bring together the children of the house, the husbands, the grandmothers, the grandfathers, the uncles, the aunts and the friends in this Christmas culinary feast. It’s time to become true 5-star Catholic chefs, preparing exquisite dishes and desserts that are simple at the same time and will delight everyone at home.

The table is a moment of meeting and reunion, especially at Christmas.

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I will share the name of the dessert or dish and the link for you to access and copy. From many recipes, I chose these 10 that looked delicious. Click on the links to open the article and you can copy the recipe.

Find some blank paper or card holders and a pen and write…

Enjoy your meal!!

the 10 recipes

Clarisas delicacy.

Conventional stew.

Santa Fe pinecones.

Crown of the Almudena.

Plum and nut cake.

Cookies with soul.

Welsh cake.

Christmas recipe to be able to sit at the table with everyone.

Healthy Christmas recipes to make with the kids.

Three traditional recipes for Christmas, suitable for diabetics.

At Aleteia we know that it’s not just cooking, so we present you these new recipes to live a Christmas full of love.

God bless you!


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