10 easy and healthy recipes to warm up

Spain goes through the days with the lowest temperatures in winter, so we offer you very comforting spoon dishes

Vegetable soup

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This Sunday, a mass of polar air landed on Spain, and Monday should be the coldest day of the whole month due to the arrival of an anticyclone. To fight against this icy climate, nothing better than serving yourself a steaming soup or stew, which you can lighten up by doing without the most caloric meats and charcuterie. We’ve put together a few dishes here to help you brave the cold these days:

leek soup


leek soup

To move away from traditional pasta soups, you can prepare this recipe with leeks, ideal when the body calls for comforting dishes that help to warm up. This vegetable, in addition to flavoring our broth, has many benefits for the circulatory system and strengthens the defenses. In addition, it is the perfect dish to fight a cold.

Clams soup


Clams soup

The clam chowder or American clam chowder is a perfect dish for the ice storm these days. This recipe takes advantage of all the flavor of shellfish, and that is that few additional ingredients are going to be needed. The original version includes bacon, potatoes and cream, but to make it healthier we offer you a broth made with onion, garlic and tomato. To give it texture, you can add pieces of toast.



portuguese green broth

Caldo verde is a traditional recipe from Portuguese gastronomy that is very easy to prepare, as well as an excellent restorative. It is made in the north of the country, using the Galician cabbage variety. Although it is called green broth, the texture of this dish is somewhat thick, as it contains mashed potatoes, which makes it a very nutritious recipe and perfect for cold days. To give it a touch of flavor, we usually add chorizo, but we can reduce the quantity or do without it.

SOM garlic soup


Garlic and vegetable soup

Garlic soup is one of those traditional recipes you can’t miss on any winter menu. In addition, it is an ideal dish to enjoy leftover bread from the day before or leftover vegetables from other preparations. A simple, light, nutritious and very tasty soup that will make us forget the cold snap.

Coral lentils with vegetables


Red lentil stew with vegetables

This recipe is proof that spoon dishes can be just as tasty without adding sausages or meat. Lentils, rich in iron and fiber, will strengthen our immune system. With zucchini, pumpkin and vegetable broth, we will enjoy a tasty but light dish. A perfect preparation to serve hot.

Recipe for chickpeas with cod


Chickpeas with cod and spinach

Chickpeas can be cooked in a thousand different ways. If we talk about cold, nothing better than a stew to help us warm up. This recipe contains fish and spinach, so you can make it in one dish without worrying about going hungry. The version we offer contains a fish stock to give it flavor and a hash based on… carquiñolis!



vegetable soup

Vegetable soup is perfect for days when you want to eat light, but warm up to combat that wintry weather. This recipe is packed with vegetables: carrot, celery, cauliflower… You can also add peas or vary with the vegetables you prefer.

Baked Cauliflower Soup with Kale Chips


Cauliflower cream

Now that thermometers are showing sub-zero temperatures and cauliflower is in abundance, it’s a good time to whip up a delicious cream with this vegetable. It’s super creamy and you can add mushrooms or apples to give it a different twist. A very nutritious and easy to prepare spoon dish.



Thyme soup and toast

For those chilly days when you need to make something quick, this Thyme and Toast Soup is perfect. Made with garlic and vegetable broth, it will be very useful to reuse the ingredients we have at home. This version we offer is a bit different, because the soup is textured in the blender to make it creamier and smoother.

gypsy pot recipe


gypsy pot

The gypsy pot is a traditional recipe from Murcia, Valencia and Andalusia. The dish combines chickpeas, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, green beans and pumpkin. But the most surprising thing about this stew is the pear which will bring a sweet touch to the preparation. The mint completes this dish full of nuances so appetizing and rich in fiber.

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