10 easy and inexpensive recipes to make a good meal

The basket is shot. We hear about it every day on the news and we experience it every time we go to the market. How save and continue to eat healthily and richly every day?

As we too have the same question, we’ve dug through our recipes and have several inexpensive options so you can swap out your usual dishes for versions that are now a few dollars less.

There are several options with legumes but it’s the most economical (and sustainable) way to consume quality protein so don’t hesitate to include it more often in your menus.

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You will also find recipes with frozen or canned vegetableswhich provide the same nutrients for a small portion of the price of the fresh version.

With this and by replacing ultra-processed sweets with seasonal fruits and reducing the consumption of soft drinks and other sugary drinks, you can lower the price of the basket and save a good sum while taking care of your health.

1. Rice with spinach and peas

spinach and pea rice

Rice is a cheap food where they exist and if we want to combine it with vegetables we can choose frozen, as to prepare this rice with spinach and peas, and thus it will be even cheaper.

In this case, the vegetables are cooked and the rice is cooked with the broth, while these are mashed to make a cream. Mix it all up and that’s it.

In the recipe we show you, smoked salmon and parmesan shavings are added, but you can add any type of canned fish and any type of cheaper aged cheese.

2. Potato stew with ribs

Fried potatoes with ribs

A cheap and traditional dish where they exist, potato stew with spare ribs was one of our grandmothers’ great bets to feed the whole family.

The potato remains a safe bet for making hearty and healthy dishes. With a fairly small amount of ribs, everyone’s dishes can be loaded with flavor.

3. Quick Chickpea Stew

quick chickpea stew

Not only do you have to save by choosing foods with more adjusted prices, but you can also save when cooking them. Or rather by not doing so. This quick chickpea stew is made with a casserole of cooked chickpeas.

This way you get all the flavor but without spending energy cooking them in the pressure cooker.

4. Chilli, Garlic and Parmesan Spaghetti

Garlic and chilli spaghetti

Pasta is another one of those simple and cheap resources to eat. The best thing about this Chilli, Garlic and Parmesan Spaghetti recipe is that it has very few ingredients, so we keep the price of the dish as low as possible without sacrificing flavor.

All you need to do is brown the garlic and chilli in olive oil, then add it to the already cooked pasta with a little cheese.

5. Rice with green beans, artichokes and chickpeas

Rice with green beans, artichokes and chickpeas

Another rice recipe but this time with artichokes, green beans and chickpeas. It is a very complete and very affordable recipe that can be prepared in a flash.

You can use frozen or canned vegetables and chickpeas can be canned. You will only have to cook the rice and add them to the stew.

6. Chicken and zucchini lasagna

Chicken zucchini lasagna

This is an easy, quick and affordable recipe. Zucchini is in season and is used to make the lasagna layers that are filled with chicken breasts and other cooked vegetables like peppers or carrots.

Avoid turning on the oven and put the microwave on the grill to brown the cheese that is placed on it.

7. Eggs in Purgatory

eggs in purgatory

We love this typical Italian recipe for making a quick, delicious, healthy and inexpensive dinner. It has everything to please! Purgatory eggs are prepared with a simple onion and garlic sauce to which is added crushed tomato.

Eggs are cooked on this sauce by putting the lid on the pan then adding aromatic herbs (all of which can be dried to save cost) and aged cheese.

8. Chicken breast curry

curry chicken breasts

A great way to jazz up the simplest and cheapest ingredients is to add spices, so this chicken curry is a surefire recipe for saving money without sacrificing flavor. You can add frozen vegetables to the stew and serve it with some rice for a complete meal.

9. Steamed Salmon and Bean Salad

green bean and steamed salmon salad

Consuming fresh fish frequently isn’t exactly cheap, but if we switch it up for frozen versions and use it as a side dish rather than the main ingredient, we can make a difference.

This steamed salmon and bean salad is a good alternative to not give up the delicious flavor of this delicious fish.

10. Onion soup


Easy, cheap, comforting and totally delicious. Take this lukewarm onion soup: you will be surprised by its exquisite flavor! Is part of spoon dishes What do you want most when the cold starts?

Yes win at all tables. An economical and perfect recipe to serve as an appetizer at an informal dinner. Believe us, it will be so delicious that they will leave the plate clean.

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