10 light recipes to recover from the excesses of Christmas

So much eating together ends up with anyone. After so many consecutive days of excess, I’m sure what your body asks for is some vegetables, a soup or a salad it is not binding.

and how can you be exhausted from planning so many menuswe have launched to make it easier for you and we have selected these 10 dishes.

They all meet the requirement of being light, but most are also very easy to prepare. Slow down heavy meals a bit and give your stomach a break with these 10 recipes.

They will like it at home, but they will allow you to rest.

1. Timbale of rice and vegetable curry

An infallible combination for a light but not boring dinner or lunch. This timbale of rice and vegetables with curry lasts about 30 minutes. While you cook the rice, you can prepare the vegetables, add the curry and that’s it.

2. Bulgur salad in a glass with tomato, raspberry and lime

Bulgur salad with pink tomato, raspberry and lime

Eating light does not mean resorting to sad and boring dishes. This Salad of Bulgur Tomato Raspberry Lime will make your taste buds dance. Fresh, light and very different from what you’ve probably been eating all Christmas long.

3. Light broccoli soup

light broccoli soup

Do you need to eat more vegetables to recover from Christmas binges? There’s nothing like a light and tasty cream or soup like this that will also warm you up. It is a miso soup made with broccoli and peas cooked with onion, turmeric and ginger.

4. Courgettes stuffed with couscous and mushrooms

Courgettes stuffed with couscous and mushrooms

Zucchini can be stuffed in many ways, they have couscous, vegetables and mushrooms. It’s a very colorful recipe that will delight even those less accustomed to tasting vegetables.

5. Mexican Bean Tacos

Mexican Bean Tacos

Maybe making a veggie stew isn’t in your plans after so much Christmas overindulgence, but you can try making these delicious Mexican-style bean tacos.

They only have a little arugula, avocado and onion and if you buy the pancakes already made, it doesn’t take long to make them.

6. Eggs with peppers

Eggs with peppers

This recipe could not be simpler and it is also very rich and colorful. Simply cut the peppers into slices, cook them a little in the pan, then cook the eggs inside.

7. Thai soup (with vegetables, rice and chicken)

Thai soup (with vegetables, rice and chicken)

Soups are always a good idea and can be full meals like this Thai Vegetable, Rice and Chicken Soup we offer for dinner or a light meal after Christmas.

It contains carrot, ginger, leek, potato, mushrooms, corn, chicken and coconut milk.

8. Tuna and avocado tartare

Tuna and avocado tartar

Do you want to introduce fish into your light menu? Tartare is an excellent option to eat it without worries. You can choose between salmon or tuna and avocado. Add some tender sprouts and radishes and enjoy.

9. Turkey and Mozzarella Focaccia

Turkey and Mozzarella Focaccia

A sandwich or sandwich is also a good alternative to have something quick and tasty. This one is on focaccia bread and has turkey and mozzarella with a pesto sauce. Infallible.

10. Burrata salad with bacon and mango

Burrata salad with bacon and peach (or mango)

Do you have leftovers in the fridge and want to spend them but at the same time need to turn them into something light? Easy. Turn them into a salad like this burrata salad with bacon and peach or mango, depending on your preference.

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