10 vegetarian Christmas recipe ideas

Lunches and dinners shared with family and friends are, without a doubt, an essential part of Christmas celebrations and the options for special menus, to be taken to the table, are endless. Roasted or baked fish, exquisite seafood or magnificent meat dishes are some of the most popular options, but not the only ones. If you are vegetarian, you have delicious suggestions that are perfect so that whatever diet everyone follows, they are irresistible. Discover it vegetarian Christmas recipe ideas that we offer you in OneHowTo and surprise with a rich, varied, original and healthy menu in equal parts.

White asparagus with vinaigrette

It is a very simple recipe, ideal as a starter or first. You can do this with canned or fresh white asparagus. In the latter case, it will be necessary to peel them and boil or steam them.

For the dressing, cut into small squares: red and green pepper, spring onion, pickles (or cucumber) and if you want, also a little tomato. Put all the ingredients in a bowl and season with good virgin olive oil, Modena vinegar, a touch of salt and a touch of pepper. Serve over asparagus, warm or cold, and enjoy a dish full of colors and flavors.

Provolone casseroles with tomato and basil

If you want to put a Mediterranean touch with Italian reminiscences on your vegetarian Christmas menu, make this simple proposal a reality, which can be a starter or an appetizer to share. You just need to put a small medallion of provolone in a container (better clay), melt it slightly and put a tomato slice not very thick with some aromatic basil leaves. Combining them with cherry tomatoes is another option.

Vegetarian Christmas Recipe Ideas - Provolone Casserole with Tomatoes and Basil

Goat cheese croquettes, caramelized onions and sesame

Delicious croquettes to share are always a hit and they are perfect for a luxury menu. To make them, first cut the onion dice and caramelize them in a skillet over low heat. Also prepare a Bechamel dense including, as an additional ingredient, generous portions of goat cheese (rindless roll type). When you have it, add the caramelized onion, wait for the batter to cool and forms to your croquettes Bathe them in the beaten egg and coat them with a mixture of breadcrumbs and ground sesame. When the time has come, brown them in plenty of oil to savor this little delicacy.

You don’t know how to coat the croquettes correctly? Here we tell you.

Open packets of crunchy vegetables

This colorful recipe is perfect for any Christmas menu. It consists of preparing, first, a sautéed with your favorite vegetables: grated carrot, peas, onion, cubes of zucchini or aubergine, peppers… all well fried with a clove of garlic and a little olive oil. Then give open sachet shape or basket with a small pastry sheet, brush it with beaten egg and put it, in a flan type mould, in the oven. In 10 minutes of cooking and at around 190 ºC You will have the small bags ready, where you can put the sautéed vegetables and bring them to the table, one per dinner.

Vegetarian Christmas recipe ideas - Open packets of crispy vegetables

porcini mushroom lasagna

A mushroom lasagna is an excellent proposal for vegetarian recipe Christmas and making it specifically from porcini mushrooms, with its intense flavor, is a wonderful idea. This lasagna is made like any other, by cooking the pasta sheets and making a soft béchamel sauce, but, in this case, the delicate filling is the secret of a dish with a unique taste. To do this, sauté a few well-chopped cloves of garlic, a little chopped onion, carrot and celery in a little olive oil. When they take on colors incorporate the puff pastry boletus followed by a glass of white wine. After a few minutes, when the alcohol evaporates, you will have the filling ready to make your vegetarian Christmas lasagna.

Do you want to learn another type of vegetarian lasagna? Here we teach you how to make pumpkin and spinach lasagna.

Christmas Vegetarian Recipe Ideas - Porcini Lasagna

pineapple tofu

This Christmas, enjoy a dish with exotic accents which does not lack one of the traditional fruits of these holidays: the pineapple. To do this you need drain the tofu well, cut it into not too thick strips and cook it on the grill, back and forth, for a few minutes. In the same skillet, brown a few diced pineapples and, finally, prepare an aromatic vinaigrette based on a little powdered ginger, a few tablespoons of olive oil, a few drops of sauce soy and juice of half a lemon. Mix the tofu with the pineapple and season them generously.

Christmas Vegetarian Recipe Ideas - Pineapple Tofu

pomegranate salad

In a vegetarian menu for New Year’s Eve or for Christmas lunch, a varied salad with seasonal ingredients cannot be missing. The ideal is mix leafy vegetablessuch as endive, watercress or oak leaf Fruit, such as pomegranate, which goes best with and some dried fruits such as Christmas pine nuts. If you want a sweet touch in your salad, dress it up with a honey vinaigrette.

Vegetarian Christmas Recipe Ideas - Pomegranate Salad

Seitan with almond sauce

Considered the vegetable “meat”, there are many vegetarian recipes that can be made with seitan and are perfect for Christmas. One of them is seitan with almond sauce, a very rich and easy-to-prepare main dish. You can make the almond sauce by frying onion strips in a little oil with some chopped almonds. When they start to brown, add some vegetable broth as well as a few tablespoons of cream liquid. shreds this original mixture and reserve it. When you grill your seitan steakserve with the rich almond sauce on top.

Christmas Vegetarian Recipe Ideas - Seitan with Almond Sauce

Banana flan and dulce de leche

In addition to the traditional sweets that should not be missing in the after-dinners of these parties, a dessert is also essential. A simple and delicious way is to present, in a small glass, ripe banana slices and layers of dulce de lechealternating layers of the two ingredients with an irresistible result for all palates.

Cinnamon brioches

With digestive cinnamon as the protagonist, you can also prepare rolls based on this spice, making a sponge cake Yes good with: almond flour, vegetable milk, yeast and sugar which is completed by a delicate coating of sugar and cinnamon to lick your fingers!

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Vegetarian Christmas Recipe Ideas - Cinnamon Rolls

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