1080 cooking recipes celebrates its 50th anniversary – The pleasure of reading

It was the 70s and Simone Ortega decided to set up a DIY store with a friend when this type of establishment was not common in big cities. After a few months, given the turmoil this generated in the family organization, her passion for cooking -she was also an excellent hostess-, her connection with the world of books, and encouraged by José Ortega Spottorno, her husband and founder of Alianza Editorial, he decided to save his grandmother’s recipe book and his own files (some of them are kept at the hotel school that bears his name in Móstoles), and he started.

The key to your success
The first to be surprised by the avalanche of reissues which follow one another incessantly is the author herself. As she herself admitted on occasion, the key to success was that all the recipes came out: the exact proportion and precise cooking time, no bits, handfuls and approximations. He tried each of them at least three times, a task that took him three years and for which he had the active help of one of his children, who served as his guinea pig. And it is that in a catalog like that of Alianza Editorial, which houses authors such as Salinger, Hesse, Galdós, Handke, Freud, Woody Allen, Maalouf and a very long etcetera, the long seller Indisputable is, and continues to be, this title which knew how to adapt to fashions, without letting itself be carried away by them.

Anna 1080
50 years of life give rise to a good number of anecdotes and adventures. The 1080 has been a permanent presence on all wedding lists, common in all our Erasmus suitcases, even one couple confessed to a puzzled Simone that the book had saved their marriage. Ortega Spottorno himself used to say that he had gone from being the son of Ortega y Gasset to being the husband of Simone. It was precisely at the suggestion of the author herself, whose last name was actually Klein, that it was decided that she should appear on the cover as Simone Ortega so that readers would not don’t think they were looking at a foreign cookbook.

Simone was a real fan of sweets, especially chocolate. Her doctor forbade her to take it, and she replied, “Sir, French women can drink chocolate and it never hurts us.” His daughter Inés says when she died they found chocolates hidden all over the house to avoid the family radar. When she received the French Medal of Arts and Letters for having contributed to the influence of cuisine internationally, she declared: “You have made happy an old lady who has always needed friendship, love and chocolate.

The internationalization of Spanish cuisine has also played its part, with editions in countries such as France, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy or Sweden.
Unsurprisingly, he was chosen by the prestigious British publisher Phaidon in 2008, just as he was then. the silver spoonfor Italian cuisine, as the reference work on Spanish cuisine for its publication and distribution in the world market.

In recent years, thanks to the efforts of his daughter Inés, who has inherited a taste for cooking and has written numerous books dedicated to gastronomy, the last published a month ago, our desserts, written with his daughter-in-law Marina Rivas, the book has been updated and adapted to new times, while remaining faithful to the spirit with which it was conceived: recipes explained with clarity and precision, after having been tested time and time again by the authors, and especially recipes “that come out”. Full of details and small innovations, it has reached formal perfection without losing its functionality. Indeed, the tandem composed of Marina and Inés has written in recent years, in addition to the one devoted to desserts, other titles such as The cuisine of the four seasons, Gluten-free, egg-free and lactose-free cooking, our menus Yes healthy and simple cooking.

Juan Mari Arzak, Carme Ruscalleda, Ferran Adrià, Toño Pérez… there are many chefs who have recognized the debt that our gastronomy owes to “1080”, as it is affectionately called in the editorial.

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