13 easy Christmas recipes for snacks and tickets to your dinner

We are one week away from the start of the December holidays, and we will continue to share our best recipes for your Christmas nights. There is no better icebreaker in the christmas gatheringswhether at work or with family or friends, or at the table, we all like to have fun to taste When it comes to being present at a party with the people we love, it not only makes our hearts glad, it allows us to interact with our colleagues while we taste them.

the to taste, also called appetizers or hors d’oeuvres, are small bites served before a meal to whet the appetite. I think snacks are an important part of any meeting, and after that explanation, it’s clear that They can’t miss a Christmas gathering.

the to taste They are the first thing your guests see, so what better way to surprise your guests than with beautiful, showy and even slightly decorative dishes. Take a look at these easy and very beautiful Christmas snack recipes.

Christmas Pineapple Garlic Cheese Bread Ball

This Garlic Bread and Cheese Ball Christmas tree is the perfect option for pre-dinner snacking while everyone waits to bring out the main courses. Best of all, it’s very simple to make.

Philadelphia Cheese and I’m Cooking Christmas Tree

This snackable Christmas tree will grab the attention of all your guests. How not? Yes it is very pretty. The best part of the matter is that it is very easy and inexpensive to prepare. Take a look at the recipe.

Christmas snack recipes 1

Cheese wreath for centerpiece

You don’t have to complicate your life too much when preparing snacks, you can prepare these pretty and very decorative Christmas cheese wreaths to put in the center of the table and thus kill two birds with one stone: you decorate very nicely at the same time as you leave a simple and ideal snack for your guests to nibble on with a good wine at the start of dinner.

12 Christmas Snack Recipes

Bacon Stuffed Cambray Potatoes

This Bacon Stuffed Cambray Potatoes Recipe is a Great Topping my thing: perfect as a snack before lunch or to accompany a good roast meat. You can serve them hot, warm and even cold. Even better, they are very easy to prepare.

11 Christmas Snack Recipes

mini sausage puffs

This recipe for mini sausage puffs is an excellent idea to taste during this holiday season when we want to eat preparations a little out of the ordinary with which we can accommodate the rest of the year. To make it easier for us, we can easily use a sheet of commercial puff pastry, which is very good in Mexico.

10 Christmas Snack Recipes

Brie and caramelized onion canapes

We love offering this Brie Cheese and Caramelized Onion Canapes recipe to our guests because of its ease and delicious flavor. These canapes are very easy to make and we only need very few ingredients to make them. The icing on the cake, we can prepare them a few hours before the arrival of the guests and keep them in a tray without losing their flavor or their taste qualities.

9 Christmas Snack Recipes

Christmas stars stuffed with two cheeses

Puff pastry is a very traditional ingredient at this time of year and this time to make it even more festive, we wanted to show you how to make these delicious Christmas stars stuffed with two cheeses that will be a hit at your receptions of Christmas.

10 Christmas Snack Recipes

Puff pastry with serrano ham and mozzarella

We are always looking for good options to offer interesting alternatives for snacks, that’s why we bring you this recipe for puff pastry with serrano ham and mozzarella. You can whip it up quickly for an unexpected occasion since it incorporates ingredients you may always have in your fridge.

8 Christmas Snack Recipes

apple salad

The one that could not miss, this classic recipe of this Christmas season, the apple salad. The preparation is quite simple with basic ingredients that do not require cooking or a lot of preparation and which nevertheless translates into a delicious option to accompany another protein dish.

6 Christmas Snack Recipes

Creamy Smoked Oyster Dip

Do you like oysters? Well, you’ll love them even more now that you try and try this delicious Creamy Smoked Oyster Dip Recipe that’s perfect for snacking on before Christmas dinner with people who enjoy this culinary gem that’s also produced in Mexican waters. .

5 Christmas Snack Recipes

Ham and cheese sticks

One of the richest and simplest options we have to snack on during our holiday season are these ham and cheese sticks that we can serve hot or cold. Their advantage is that you can prepare them in advance and simply put them in the oven to warm them up before serving.

Christmas Snack Recipes 4

Ears with basil pesto

Our last puff pastry recipe that we recommend is for these delicious little ears with basil pesto, ideal to accompany a good cheese platter. The advantage is that we can prepare the pesto a few days in advance and refrigerate it, only to cook these ears the same day we receive our guests.

Christmas snack recipes 3

salami flowers

If our dinner will be a little more formal, or if we really want to surprise the eyes and the palate, then we have to get to work preparing delicious salami flowers, for which we will need pizza dough. These rich bites will also serve as a decorative element on our table, and regardless of the temperature at which we serve them, they are delicious.

Christmas snack recipes 2

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