15 easy and quick recipes to prepare a New Year’s Eve menu in less than two hours

“The best is the enemy of the good”, with this phrase, Voltaire, a French philosopher of the Age of Enlightenment, describes a logical trap known as the “Sophism of Nirvana”, which consists of rejecting something, whether it either a simple object, action or idea, not to consider it good enough compared to something else which we consider better simply because the former is simpler, when the reality is that the latter is generally far from our reach.

This often happens in the kitchen, especially when you have guests you want to surprise. It is very common, in these cases, to come and pretend to cook, by ourselves and in a domestic kitchen, many very elaborate dishes – which we do not cook often – such as those that we would appreciate on the menu of a great restaurant. We forget that, in good restaurants, the dishes are cooked by a team of professionals who perfectly master the recipes and who, moreover, have the technical means that we lack.

Chef Gordon Ramsay, in his book cook with mewhen he talks about lunches or dinners with guestsrecommend to choose simple recipes, easy to prepare, with everyday ingredients that everyone usually eats and not going into an eleven rod shirt because the only thing we’re going to achieve is end up so exhausted that in the end we can’t even enjoy our own party.

With these recipes that we offer below you will not have to spend all day stressed in the kitchen, but dinner will be a great success.

5 Starters, 5 Main Courses and 5 Easy Desserts for the New Year

Salads, seafood or small bites made with them, in short, simple, tasty and quick to prepare starters.

Cod and Orange Salad

At Christmas time, oranges are at their best and that’s when this orange salad with cod will be the most delicious, a dish also known as remoj√≥n. This is a very simple recipe that can be prepared in minutes.

Appetizer of crispy prawns with caramelized tomato

With a good tomato jam or a homemade tomato sauce you can prepare this simple appetizer with prawns or with prawns or with langoustine tails. It won’t give you more work than making grilled shrimp.

Odorless grilled prawns

And the most classic version of the previous recipe is not a bad plan either, some grilled prawns or prawns are always welcome on any party table (and without being too party, let’s face it) . The recipe is very simple, but with this trick that we are telling you, you will also get the whole house so that you do not smell seafood.

Tomato and ham tartare

Preparing a rich and colorful starter or first course does not necessarily mean spending a fortune. Seafood is by no means a must and truth be told most of the time it’s not the richest either. This tomato tartare, as a recipe, is something extremely easy to make and it is also very cheap and it will not be less elegant or tasty for it.

Avocado salad, prawns and baby eels

A salad (or ensaladilla) that works any time of the year, but could be a lifesaver for New Year’s Eve dinner. This combination of avocado, eel and shrimp works well and is loved by almost everyone. Why make it more complicated?

Pork tenderloin stuffed with pear and gorgonzola

The fruit-based sauces and toppings such as mango, peach, apple, pineapple or pears that we use in this Gorgonzola and Pear Stuffed Sirloin recipe are luxurious for the loin and tenderloin. pork. Write down the recipe because they will ask you for it.

roast beef

Although a traditional Anglo-Saxon dish, roast beef is the perfect roast beef for any occasion when the whole family gathers around the table. The meat must be pink in the center so it is not a roast that requires a very long time in the oven, on the contrary, it is a roast that can be ready in less than an hour. Perfect for those who are always in a hurry.

hake casserole

Hake is the fish that those who are not too fond of fish love the most and I assure you that with this sauce they will not only eat it without a doubt, but also water the plate. I tell you one thing, if you make this casserole of hake, make bread, lots of bread.

Baked salmon with cava sauce and truffles

If you want to seduce your guests on this New Year’s Eve, here is your recipe. Baked salmon with cava sauce and truffles is a simple, delicious and balanced dish, perfect for those dates. On days of traditionally heavy meals, Norwegian salmon is a perfect alternative, a protein-rich product with high biological value that provides heart-healthy fatty acids such as omega-3s and other essential nutrients such as vitamins A, B12 and D, iodine and antioxidants.

lamb confit

Not only is it made very quickly, but it can also be prepared in advance without fear of drying it out or reheating it at the last moment. Cooking lamb confit has the advantage of being able to be done in a casserole dish without going through the oven.

Chicken Kyiv

This recipe with its own name consists of a chicken breast stuffed with aromatic herb butter, breaded and fried. A recipe that may seem very simple for a holiday, but that almost everyone loves and that will be an excellent choice in a house where there are many children and there is only one option to prepare a single menu.

Express chocolate and orange cream

Orange juice, a chocolate bar and gelatin sheets are enough to prepare this chocolate and orange cream made in less than 10 minutes. There’s no cooking involved, just mix the three things together in the correct order.

lemon mousse without egg

Traditional mousses are made with raw eggs, but many find this somewhat repulsive. The solution is this lemon mousse recipe without egg, very easy to make, with few ingredients and very refreshing. The ideal dessert after a hearty dinner. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not a light dessert at all, but it’s true that with a moderate portion, it’s one of those desserts that “help knock dinner down”.

Orange ice cream in the Thermomix

With orange, a little lighter than the previous one, and with egg whites to make a meringue that will give an airy finish to this orange ice cream. They are ready in about 15 minutes and if you can leave them in the fridge for a few hours before bringing them to the table (the time to receive guests and taste the previous dishes on the menu).

cold lemon cake

It’s a layered cake made with ladyfingers and a delicious lemon curd. We could call it lemon tiramisu, but maybe someone gets mad at us, so it stays like cake. You call it what you want, but do what you want.

chocolate brownies

You can’t make a list of desserts and offer only one dessert with chocolate, at least I can’t do that. So now is a good time to remember the recipe for this brownies quick in 5 minutes, the time it will take to make it in the microwave.

And now it’s just a matter of getting to work and enjoying the kitchen, that’s what it’s all about.


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