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The success of the Valencian supermarket chain, Mercadona, it’s undeniable. For this reason, Mercadona continues to launch new products in its supermarkets and its new sweet and savory products, in make-up and perfumery or in cleaning products, generally make the news when they go on sale.

And it is that the Valencian supermarket chain claims to be very attentive to the wishes of the “bosses”, as they call their customers, and for this reason they continue to innovate in their products. Now he launched a new canned natural chicken of someone who sells 5,000 units a day: the Mercadona Chicken Tins.

Mercadona specifies that this chicken is “low in fat and source of protein” Produced by the supplier Totaler Frinsa del Noroeste at its facilities in Ribera (A Coruña). It is made only with chicken breast and canned with water and salt Therefore, “it allows to preserve all the nutritional properties”, specifies the company.

The Mercadona Chicken Tins They’ve become a sales boom in recent weeks, so today we’re bringing you 3 quick and easy recipes you can make using this natural chicken.

Easy recipes with Mercadona chicken cans

Lamb’s lettuce prepared with the new cans of Mercadona chicken. INFORMATION

Lamb’s lettuce, corn, chicken, avocado, cherry tomatoes and pipes salad

Ingredients to prepare this recipe

  • 70g of Cannons.

  • 1 can of Mercadona chicken.

  • 50g of sweet corn.

  • 60g of avocado.

  • ½ tomato on the vine.

  • 7g of natural pipes.

  • 10 ml balsamic vinegar of Modena.

  • 40 ml of extra virgin olive oil.

step by step recipe

  1. Prepare a base of lamb’s lettuce in a suitable container.

  2. Cut the tomato into small cubes and add the corn and the thinly sliced ​​avocado.

  3. Shred the natural chicken over the salad.

  4. Water the pipes.

  5. Season with salt and pepper and season to taste with oil and balsamic vinegar of Modena.

French omelet made with cans of Mercadona chicken. INFORMATION

French omelet with chicken breast and chives

Ingredients to prepare this recipe

  • 3 eggs.

  • 1 can of Mercadona chicken.

  • Salt to taste.

  • Chives to garnish.

step by step recipe

  1. Vigorously beat the eggs and heat a few drops of oil in a frying pan.

  2. Chop the chives very finely.

  3. Add shredded Mercadona canned chicken and chives to beaten eggs.

  4. Pour the mixture into the pan and let the tortilla set as you shake the pan in a slightly circular motion, stirring the inside so it doesn’t set too soon.

  5. Fold the tortilla over itself and voila!

Recipe made with the new Mercadona chicken cans. INFORMATION

Fried brown rice with egg and chicken

Ingredients to prepare this recipe

  • 1 glass of brown rice.

  • 1 egg.

  • ½ red onion.

  • 50g of carrot.

  • 3g of ginger.

  • 40ml soy sauce.

  • 1 can of Mercadona chicken.

  • coriander to taste

  • Extra virgin olive oil.

step by step recipe

  1. On a plate, reserve the finely chopped ginger, the red onion cut into very thin julienne strips and the carrot cut into thin sticks.

  2. In a wok or large skillet, heat two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Add finely chopped ginger. As soon as the ginger dances, add the previously beaten egg. Make the pan dance so that the egg doesn’t stick.

  3. Before the egg is completely set, add the brown rice and crumble it well into the pan. Stir vigorously and sauté whenever possible, so that the egg and rice begin to integrate well.

  4. Add the carrot and red onion, both cut into strips. Fry everything over high heat for a few minutes.

  5. Add the natural chicken and continue to sauté and stir vigorously.

  6. As soon as the rice is cooked and the onion and carrot start to cook but are still al dente, add the soy sauce to the edges of the pan. Never stop stirring and sautéing.

  7. Serve on a plate and finish with chopped coriander to taste.


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