3 versatile recipes to prepare the richest cold desserts with condensed milk

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Summer invites us to live outside the house, enjoy the fresh air and fill our free time with plans that make us make the most of every minute. And it is also at this time of year that we allow ourselves more culinary whimsespecially if they come in the form of delicious cold and refreshing dessertsand easy to do!

Because let’s face it, shutting ourselves away for hours in the kitchen between the stoves is not our ideal plan for the summer. In fact, just thinking about it makes us sweat. For this reason, light and cold recipes such as gazpacho or salads are the most common at the moment. And we give thanks, because in this way we can compensate for the small excesses that we are going to allow ourselves. Who can resist the homemade dessert recipes that we offer you today!

Take note because in just 5 minutes, with very few steps and with actions as simple as beating or crushing, we will prepare 3 types of quick and easy desserts with condensed milk, ideal for summer. The best thing is that the little ones in the house can become our helpers, now that we are going to have more time at home…

Ice cream and perch with frozen fruits

No one doubts that they are the sweets of summer. But, in addition, making popsicles and ice cream with frozen fruit couldn’t be more versatile, since we can experiment with all kinds of flavors and textures. Quick and homemade desserts, what more could you ask for? Thus, we offer you a recipe that will make you appreciate the delicious flavor of red fruits:

Ice cream with red fruits and condensed milk


– 125g of LA LECHERA condensed milk.

– 150g of frozen raspberries.

– 150g of frozen blueberries.

And why make ice cream with frozen fruit? Well, because this way the preparation process will be much easier, we will be able to make ice cream without an ice cream maker and, even better, we will not have to wait to eat it, we will be able to taste them homemade desserts on square !

Step by step:

1. Cool the LA LECHERA condensed milk.

2. Using a blender or food processor, we mash frozen fruit with condensed milk. We will place the condensed milk and part of the fruit first, and we will add the rest little by little.

3. With the previous step we will have it ready to eat but, if we want a more popsicle texture, we can leave it in the freezer for longer.

You’re not a big fan of this type of flavor? Nothing happens, as we said, you can make ice cream with all kinds of fruits. For example, in the summer, tropical flavors are particularly suitable for us, and therefore we can make pineapple and coconut ice cream. We can even prepare the polo version, ideal for children. All you have to do is get some molds and go through a process that basically consists of grinding and freezing. Do you like cheesecake? Well, you can make the frozen version, with this recipe for cheese popsicles, strawberries and condensed milk. Do you prefer citrus flavors? Great, so start with these Lemon Condensed Milk Popsicles. Delicious and refreshing!

cakes without oven

And in the list of easy desserts with condensed milk, we also want to highlight different types of cold cakes, which we will prepare in just a few minutes. The best thing is that the process of preparing these recipes, all for desserts without an oven, will only take a few minutes, since it will consist of only four steps:

1. Layer a layer of cookies, biscuit cookies, or coffee-soaked biscuits on the bottom of the pan, depending on the recipe.

2. Mix and beat the LA LECHERA condensed milk with the rest of the main ingredients of each cake.

3. Assemble the cake in layers or, directly, pour all the mixture into the mold.

4. Leave to cool for a few hours in the fridge (perhaps the most complicated step, but only because you have to wait to taste these delights…

And again we want to offer you different options and for this reason we leave you the link to three recipes that are easy, quick and, directly, spectacular. No one will believe the few steps that go into making it!

1. Cheesecake with condensed milk and lemon, for lovers of the smoothness of cheese and the acidity of citrus fruits.

2. Biscuit and coffee cake: the mixture of mascarpone, NESTLÉ Desserts Dark chocolate, BONKA coffee NESTLÉ Mix and condensed milk LA LECHERA gives one dessert out of 10.

3. No-bake cheesecake with sponge cake and condensed milk, lime and coconut: once again we return to tropical flavors that take us on a journey to the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Unlike the previous ones, this cake is not made in layers and, at the base, instead of cookies, it has a layer of ladyfingers.

cold candy coffee

We ended with a dessert reserved for the elderly of the house, the finishing touch to a summer meal. This is a sweet coffee, but cold. Thus, we offer two different ways to prepare it:

iced candy coffee: Mix 100 g of LA LECHERA condensed milk with 200 ml of water until the two ingredients are well diluted. Freeze in ice cube trays and serve with NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Americano coffee.

Iced Coffee with Condensed Milk: We make NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Americano Iced Coffee Cubes. In a glass add 40 g of LA LECHERA condensed milk, the coffee cubes and stir until dissolved.

All that remains is to enjoy a smooth summer with these delicious cold desserts. To take advantage of!

With information from Cocina Facilisimo.


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