5 Google Chrome extensions to make cooking easier

The world of kitchen It is well known to all that this is not an easy task. Lots of ingredients, different cooking times, the dreaded shopping moment, and recipes everywhere. However, as always, the world of Google Chrome extensions is here to save us.

And it’s that these browser add-ons help you work, save time, and stay connected efficiently, and some of them are just plain fun. Whether you need an extension for working, cooking or adding additional functions to your the browserthere are thousands of extensions Chrome worth trying, according to Google itself.

That is why today we want to focus on the field of cooking, especially for those who know that one of the most difficult parts of cooking is not to make the dish, but to know exactly what what you are going to do and to have a good organization.

It is important to qualify one last aspect before entering fully into the subject. The extensions of Google Chrome they can improve the user experience, yes, but they can also access a lot of user data. That’s why we recommend that you check what extensions we have and where we download them from for security and privacy reasons.

The vegan advice

The Vegan Advice is an extension for your browser aimed at vegans, as the name suggests, and it completely changes what you see when you open a new tab in Chrome.

After installing this recipe extension, You will not only be up to date with the latest vegan recipes, but also news, photos from Instagram and other social networks this can be very helpful if you want to lead a vegan lifestyle. To download it, access the following link.

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copy me that

copy me that

Copy Me That is another great extension for Google Chrome that It will help you save recipes, create shopping lists and much more. You will first need to create an account on the web, but once you do, this extension will automatically import the recipe you want to its own website.

It will be saved as if it were a library of recipes and you can consult them whenever you want. However, this tool does not stop there, since it also allows you to plan your lunches and dinners for the week thanks to its meal planning function, as well as to make a shopping list according to your recipes when you wish it. We leave you the download link.

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Yumprint won’t help you find recipes, but it will help you save them once you find one you like. Its operation is quite similar to the previous one. And it is that often we look on the Internet for something new to cook and, Instead of having to record the web or take screenshots, this extension makes your job easier.

Simply put, it’s a recipe archiver and can be used with every recipe website and blog you can find (it doesn’t work with everyone). As soon as you open a supported website, a Yumprint button should be available in the upper right corner.

Clicking it will automatically generate a printable version of the recipe in a popup window, which you just need to save. Of course, it is necessary to create an account on the Yumprint website, where the collected recipes are also saved so that you can review them later. We leave you the link.

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Pinterest and its save button


Pinterest is the quintessential lifesaving app. And that’s it, its save button is really very useful when we navigate for hours and hours among its thousands of images to save what we like on our personalized boards.

In this case, Pinterest has thousands of recipe images that, if they convince you, are perfect to send to our kitchen board. Moreover, To make it even better, Google has an extension that includes this button.

With it all you have to do is browse Pinterest like you normally do and whenever you see something you like all you have to do is click the little button the extension adds for you. So to speak, it saves you three or four steps if you do it by default by the application. You can download it from this link.

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Recipe basket

Recipe basket

If you want an all-in-one tool, this extension can be the solution to all your kitchen problems. And that’s it, The recipe cart will allow you to add ingredients that you see in an online recipe to your cart.

For example, if that recipe you want to cook so badly includes carrots, which you don’t have, it allows you to add it to your cart and, thanks to its integration with shopping websites such as Instacart or Amazon Fresh, it will appear directly in the list.

This extension also It shows a breakdown of the cost per serving of your recipe so you know how much each dish will cost and how much of that product you will need and thus decide if it is worth for you to continue with your leader skills or to look for a new one. To access Recipe Cart, you just need to install the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

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