7 delicious and inexpensive soup recipes to face the cold

Spoon dishes can also help us increase our fiber intake

garlic soup

Becky Lawton

Soup is one of the most basic culinary preparations, but it can also be a surprising and rich dish that helps us warm up on the coldest days of the year. This preparation is attributed both preventive and curative power, and it can be prepared in a thousand ways, so great is its versatility. Here are some recipes to savour, which also suit all pockets.



thyme soup

That flat It is part of the traditional recipe book of Catalonia and is a real delicacy. As with the rest of the soups, it has lost popularity over the years, and that’s a shame, because it’s easy, cheap and very digestible. It is also indicated for days when the cold is pressing.

SOM garlic soup


garlic soup

This is another traditional recipe that is prepared in a flat fold. The garlic soup It includes few very affordable ingredients, and allows you to enjoy bread from the day before or leftover vegetables from other preparations. Follow the steps.

Winter Minestrone


Winter Minestrone

Soups, in addition to helping you warm up, can be very useful for increasing your weekly vegetable intake without having to resort to the typical dish of beans and boiled potatoes. For example, minestrone it includes vegetables of all kinds, it is quick and easy, and you can also supplement it with rosemary.

leek soup


leek soup

When making our soups, we need to look at foods that are in season, as they are sustainable, tasty, and sometimes less expensive. January is leek season, so take the opportunity to add some to all your dishes, including this soup which has nothing to envy to other leek preparations such as vichyssoise.

Spicy mussel soup


Spicy mussel soup

Fish and shellfish also have their place in our homemade soups, as in this one with mussels. Its particularity is its spiciness, obtained with red pepper and cayenne pepper. It looks more elaborate than the rest, but it won’t take you more than 45 minutes to prepare and you’ll love the result.

fast fish soup


Fish soup

You will need a white fish like sea bass or sea bream if you want to do this simple soup, which also includes shrimp, seafood broth, onion, bell pepper, garlic, and tomato sauce. A healthy and comforting dish that will make you forget the cold.

oregano lamb soup


Lamb Soup

Are you more of a meat person? Do not get lost this lamb soup so tasty that the Fundació Alícia offers. You can serve it as a main dish with vegetables, delicious!

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