7 Quick and Easy Healthy Recipes Your Body Will Thank You For

If you’ve had a few (or too many) excesses these days at lunchtime, don’t worry because everything has a solution. Especially if it’s one of them healthy and tasty recipes to start the year in good shape. Because temptation can also be healthy.

curry sweet potato chips

The sweet potato, a healthy, rich and versatile product, contains a large supply of vitamins (B and C), minerals (calcium, manganese and potassium) and fibre, as well as a lower glycemic load than the potato, but it’s just as appetizing. To disfrutar de un picoteo vegetariano, rico, sano y crujiente o también como garnición de platos otoñales, tomamos nota de esta receta ligera, sencilla y sabrosa de Kaiku sin lactose que se hace en media hora: ‘chips’ de boniato con salsa al curri lactose free.

Potato and sea bass salad

Molino de Pez has made a triumphant entry into the Barcelona gastronomic scene. It’s hard to choose which of its more than 60 dishes is the most tempting, so we asked its chef, Nino Redruello, for a special recipe. And he offers us this: potato salad and sea bass, a tribute to his father, Antonio.

Quinoa and shrimp salad

If you are tired of the traditional lettuce, tomato and onion dishes, you have a wide range of ingredients at your disposal to incorporate into your culinary creations. One of the most popular is quinoa, a seed that surpasses traditional grains, such as wheat, corn, rice and oats in biological value, nutritional and functional quality. Here’s a simple option: quinoa salad with shrimp, cherry tomatoes, onion, carrot, corn and egg.

Artichoke Cream

An easy-to-make recipe with few ingredients meets all the conditions to be a good meal. Ideal to do when you are in a hurry or you want to eat a dish with a spoon. Here we tell you how to make the artichoke cream.

Fake ‘sushi’ with zucchini and no rice

If you are a ‘sushi’ lover, you are in luck because you will like this recipe, although this dish has a different twist as it does not contain rice or ‘nori’ seaweed. At least once in your life you suggest making homemade ‘sushi’ to vary the flavors of what you usually eat and this recipe is the perfect opportunity to practice this typical Japanese dish. This recipe is especially for people who don’t like fish, the main ingredient in ‘sushi’. This is how fake “sushi” is made with zucchini and without rice.

Salmon and avocado poke bowl

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The “poke bowl” is a traditional Hawaiian dish as complete as it is colorful. A good “poke bowl” should generally consist of 40% basic ingredients such as rice, 25% vegetables, 20% protein foods (salmon is king) and 5% sauces and “toppings” crispy. We asked the folks at Poke House, with two locations in Barcelona and another in L’Hospitalet, for the recipe for Sunny Salmon ‘poke bowl’, one of their most successful creations.

vegan stew

Thanks to the ingenuity of the cooks, there is -almost no- recipe that does not have its version without ingredients of animal origin. Including some like cooked. Olga Vázquez, owner of restaurants Oslo (Valencia) and Lulea (Beniarbeig, Denia), gives us a recipe for making a delicious vegan stew at home.


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