7 Recipes for Success at Mesa

You want prescriptions to prepare christmas snacks tasty, original and, above all, easy and simple to do? Well, you have come to the right article. We are one step away from Christmas timecelebrations that are characterized by bringing family and friends together, having a good time together and share different dishes at the table. Gastronomy plays a very important role on these dates, since it is always present and fills homes with aromas, colors and flavors. We know it’s not easy to think so much prescriptions for all these holidays, especially dishes that everyone likes and that, moreover, they are still so marked today. On the Christmas menu, aperitifs have a very important role, as they are responsible for welcoming guests and opening their mouths while the rest of the dishes are being prepared. For this reason, we offer below 7 foolproof appetizer ideas very Christmas for succeed at the table. In addition, there is something for all tastes and types of guests: vegans, celiacs, small…let’s go!

🌟 5 quick and easy Christmas recipes for success

1. Parmesan lollipops, so much fun!

These Parmesan Popsiclesin addition to being very funny and able prepare them with the little ones of the housethey are a good christmas appetizer to surprise everyone. you just need grated or powdered parmesan Yes long chopsticks. Its preparation is very simple: heat the oven for 15 minutes at 200 degrees and while preparing the lollipops. We place on a tray parchment paper and chopsticks on it. Using a round mould, place the parmesan around the toothpick, making a circular “lollipop” shape. In the area of ​​the wooden stick we need to put more cheese so that it sticks well and does not break. Leave a little space between the lollipops otherwise when the cheese melts they will stick together. We cook at 170 degrees a few minutes, without losing sight of the lollipops because the parmesan burns very quickly. And now you have your lollipops!

Parmesan lollipops / Photo: Contact Kitchen

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2. Basket of cherries with mozzarella pearls, you are sure to succeed

Who doesn’t like tomato and mozzarella? We know, nobody! This little aperitif will conquer the hearts of your guests. Surely more than one asks you for the recipe, which is very simple. we just need cherry tomatoes, mozzarella pearls, black olives and fresh basil leaves, which can be found in any supermarket. Cut the cherries in half and empty them carefully so as not to break them. We take the pearls and cut them in half, because the cherries are small (depends on which ones you buy). Place them inside the tomato and, using a toothpick, prick the tomato and add an olive at the tip. Underneath we put a basil leaf as if it were a saucer. And we would have it. Easy right? Now all that remains is to put a a pinch of salt and a drizzle of oil on it.

Basket of cherries with mozzarella, black olives and basil / Photo: Catering Barú

3. Tricolor sofa, the Christmas aperitif that will please everyone

This sofa has three colors: white, orange and yellow. Hence its name. It’s very easy to do and always wins at the table. With just one bite, you’ll taste all the flavors of each ingredientwhich will explode in the mouth causing a whole feast of flavors different that fit together perfectly. The ingredients are very basic: mayonnaise, pollock and hard-boiled egg. Nothing we all have in the fridge. And canapes, of course! What we need to do is chop the crab sticks with a blender until they are well crumbled. When we have it, we mix it with the Mayonnaise and now we can prepare the canapé: the base, a tablespoon of mayonnaise and a small hard-boiled egg cut on top to decorate. Are you ready to succeed with this? christmas appetizer?

Canape with mayonnaise and crab sticks / Photo: Pixabay

4. Artichoke cream shot, to surprise the guests

East incoming will gladly surprise the guests. The artichoke cream It’s not very common, but it’s very good, and the way of presenting it will give a lot of play. Instead of serving it in a bowl, you will put it in a glass more or less tall (to taste) to Take it like a shot. They will be surprised when they see that it is an artichoke cream. To prepare this delicacy you will need 4 artichokes, 3 small onions, 1 potato, vegetable broth, olive oil, pepper and salt. Clean the artichokes from the outer leaves and brown them, along with the potato and onion. When all the vegetables have browned a little, add the broth until everything is covered, and boil until the vegetables soften (to know if the artichoke is cooked, you have to prick the heart and see that it is soft). Now we just have to shred all the Ingredients and season with a spray of oil, pepper and salt. To have fun!

Artichoke cream / Photo: Unsplash

5. Mini eggplant pizzas, for the little ones at home

These aubergine mini pizzas the most will like offal of the house. In addition, they can help you prepare these delicious Christmas snacks. you will have them ready in minutes. the basis of the Pizza will be Eggplant, which we are going to cut into slices. Before assembling the pizza, we will put it in the pan to brown it a little. When we have it, we assemble the mini pizzas. You can make them to your liking, we recommend you try them with tomato, cheese, onion and red pepper dice You put them in the oven for 10 minutes at 200 degrees and you already have them ready to enjoy with your family.

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Mini eggplant pizzas / Photo: Philippe Saez

6. The smoked salmon canapé, the absolute king of Christmas appetizers

This sofa is one of the typical that when you put it on the table it ends now. A tide of hands will immediately appear when you serve them to grab one and not miss. For this reason, we recommend that do more than necessary. There is always someone who wants to repeat. You just need canapes basewhich you can find in any supermarket, fresh cheese, smoked salmon and chives. At the base we put a little fresh cheese and on top, a small piece of smoked salmon. And to decorate and give it more color, some freshly cut chives. Spectacular!

Smoked salmon canapé / Photo: Pexels

7. Small glass of mango with prawns, the most elegant of the night

East incoming it is very cool and contribute exotic flavors what are they going to do to you have a successful New Year’s Eve. and like the rest appetizersit’s very easy to prepare. we just need mango, small shrimps and onion. Let’s start! We first peel the prawns, clean them as much as possible and cut them into squares. We do the same with mango and the onion. Mix the three ingredients and place a tablespoon in a small container or glass. To decorate you can put some rocket leaves. The contrast is explosive and you will surprise your guests! If you wish, you can also present it on a plate. We already leave that to your liking.

Mango with prawns and arugula / Photo: Dani

If after preparing these quick and easy Christmas appetizers for success and surprise your guests, you want to discover other good dishes to cook at home, in the section Recommendations from La Gourmeteria You will find them very varied and easy to prepare. See food you have at home or what dish you most want to try and keep cooking and learning between the stoves every day!

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