9 quick and easy recipes to celebrate the Chinese New Year

Today is the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, one of the most important festivals of the Asian giant. On these dates, millions of Chinese return to their home countries to celebrate with their families, who will welcome the year with various rituals to bring good luck.

Food, as in many other celebrations around the world, will be an essential part of these gatherings. Thus, dishes such as fried rice, chicken with almonds or spring rolls will decorate the tables of most homes. If you’re thinking of joining the party and hosting a themed dinner party in honor of these festivities, check out the recipes we’ve put together for the occasion.

Chinese tradition says that there must always be food, a symbol of abundance, so don’t be shy and dare to prepare several dishes from this rich gastronomy.


Fried rice

This traditional Chinese dish is so easy to make that you have no excuse not to add it more often to your menu. Chinese rice has several versions: from here we offer you that you prepare it with chicken breast, carrot, chives, peas, bean sprouts and egg.

Shrimp noodles


Shrimp noodles

There is also no single version of this recipe that varies depending on the region where it is prepared. It is estimated that there are over a thousand ways to make it! If you don’t know which one to choose, take a look at the one we offer you: you will have it ready in half an hour, and if you like shrimp, you will surely like it.



Spring Rolls

The original recipe usually includes both meat and vegetables, which are wrapped in a batter made from wheat or rice flour. It is one of the most typical Chinese New Year preparations, and you can easily adapt it to your taste, for example, by making a 100% vegetable filling, such as we tell you here

Sweet and sour pork with sweet potato


Sweet and Sour Pork

Another dish that is not missing from the menu of any Chinese restaurant is sweet and sour pork, which you can easily prepare at home by following this recipe. One of the keys to this popular snack is that the meat is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Rice is the most common filling, but we invite you to accompany it with a little sweet potato.

Chinese chicken with almonds


Almond Chicken

Almond Chicken is another classic that won’t cost you anything to make at home. The ingredients are very accessible, but the result is a very tasty bite that few can resist. When you have it ready (you can continue this recipe), garnish with chopped chives.

Almond Breaded Chicken Bites


Almond Breaded Chicken Bites

Almonds are also the stars of this crispy starter that will help you get the most out of the chicken breast. Like the other preparations, they are quick and easy to make, and ideal for sharing. So you can prepare them.




Preparing dim sum or dumplings can be more complicated, but follow this recipe from Gipsy Chef you’ll have them ready in minutes. Accompany them with a sauce of crushed sesame seeds, chopped chives, soy sauce, sherry vinegar, sesame oil, sriracha and honey.

Peking duck


Peking duck

Chef Eugeni de Diego teaches you how to prepare one of Beijing’s most popular dishes with this fast and irresistible version. You can prepare it with white meat such as chicken or rabbit, or even with pork. Delicious!

chinese custard


chinese custard

That dessert What we offer is a mix between a traditional egg flan and a bacon from heaven. It is a very thin, soft and delicate bite that it is advisable to serve in small portions.

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