A twist for your Christmas prawn recipes

It is perhaps the most common seafood on Christmas tables. Of course, you can enjoy shrimp all year round, but it is true that, in our collective imagination, it is one of those products that we usually associate with the gastronomic banquets of these holidays. However, that being so, we don’t always get all the “cooking game” that this delicacy offers us.

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If the prawns are of good quality, simply (well) cooked with a little homemade mayonnaise, or grilled with chopped garlic and parsley, they are delicious. But… why limit yourself to just these options?

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Prawns, protagonists of Christmas tables

The recipes that we show you below are perfect for get out of these usual options. Ideas that come to us this time from the prawn brand Bollard, reference in the field of sustainable aquaculture in Europe. Its shrimps, ultra-fresh and without sulphites, offer a very high gastronomic value, and are highly appreciated by many renowned chefs. In fact, Bollard has “ambassadors” such as chef david de jorge (better known as robin food) or the Mexican Roberto Ruiz. They are the ones who sign some of these recipes with shrimp flavors that we offer you below, perfect for your Christmas tables. To access its preparation method, simply click on the images.

Step by Step: Shrimp Salad

“Salpicón is a festive recipe that is prepared differently in all Spanish homes and restaurants. My mother used to embroider the prawn salpicón at Christmas and the brothers beat us in the face for sinking our teeth into it. This recipe is a tribute to all mothers and I gave it my touch trying not to spoil it, adding the touch of tomato sauce, mustard and mayonnaise, which form a stain which gives even more succulence to the material”. These are the words of chef David de Jorge about this tasty shrimp salad that he offers as a starter for Christmas menus.


Step by step: Cream of shrimp

What we propose in this case is to make shrimp the protagonists of a spoon dish, warm and comforting to open festive menus. We will also need some vegetables (onion, carrot, leek, celery…) and a little cooking cream, which will help to give it a creaminess.


Step by Step: Shrimp Cocktail ‘Acapulpo Shake’

Spain-based Mexican chef Roberto Ruiz (manager of successful restaurants like the Madrid Barracuda MX) offers a different and very tasty recipe with shrimp for this Christmas. The chef has designed this dish that takes us with the palate to the Mexican Pacific. Delicious and perfect for adding a touch of international cuisine to your party menus.


Step by step: Volauvans cocktail with prawns

A simple appetizer that’s a sure win for any special occasion like Christmas banquets. We bought ready made puff pastry volauvans and filled them with a mixture of shrimp, onions, crabmeat, lettuce and pink sauce.


Step by Step: Garlic Prawns with Chilli and Jerez Brandy

Garlic prawns are a classic from our famous cookbook, perfect as a portion or starter to open a menu. In this case, chef David de Jorge opts for the latter instead of shrimp to prepare this traditional recipe. Here, the cook brings the spicy touch by using chilli and also adds a little Jerez brandy. An easy, quick to prepare and delicious dish as part of any gourmet feast. Don’t forget the bread spread!


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