an air fryer, a “pack” of seasonings and other “gourmet” ideas

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is coming…and we’ve been dreading it! We love the Christmas period because, finally, we are going to receive some of our proposals from the wish list. However, we also have to give And, although we like to surprise, if we are not clear about it, the search for the right gift becomes complicated. Our recommendation? Bet on the tastes of the recipient. And yes, saying it is easy, but putting it into practice is not so easy, unless our friend or family member is a real cook. The possibilities are therefore almost endless.

And how do we know who belongs to this club foodie? If he always surprises you with a new recipe, whether it’s his own invention or goes viral on social media, if he’s always the one who brings the best snacks and if he doesn’t miss any Masterchef program, the signs are clear: your friend is clearly a budding chef. To encourage your passion for cooking and see if you get leftovers or a cooking testdonate utensils and small appliances For practice, this is a great option. You don’t know which ones? Below these lines we leave you some of our favorites.

The best gifts for cooking lovers

Quality spices that are not lacking, with the package of six recipe seasonings in the air fryer Just spices. As you have read: it is the ideal gift to enjoy the fashionable small household appliance, because Includes recipes and tips.

Are we going to start the kibble seasoning or the French fries seasoning?
Are we going to start the kibble seasoning or the French fries seasoning?
Just spices

And if you still don’t have your air fryerDon’t worry, Cecotec offers models from 40 euros, so you can order yours from Santa Claus or the Three Kings. We would bet on Cecofry Compact 2000with a capacity of two liters and a power of 900 watts.

Few recipes can resist this little device.
Few recipes can resist this little device.

But, if you don’t even have time to wait for the air fryer to cook chicken legs, for example, what you need is steamer cases that in a few minutes they solve delicious recipes for you. Our favorite, by the way, the Lékué microwave grill, because it has the best of steaming and grilling, but with the convenience of preparing any ingredient in the microwave!

Lékué Grill
Lékué Grill

Who doesn’t want facilities if not complicated recipes? Perfect: it’s time to learn to make your own pasta and shape it as only the best chefs know how. Of course, with a little help from the Springlane machine, on Amazon, with seven interchangeable attachments so you can make noodles, macaroni or lasagna without complications.

The pasta result with this 'gadget' will always be 10.
The pasta result with this ‘gadget’ will always be 10.

And, to finish, of course, let’s toast with a good glass of wine… with our new set of crystal glasses with a decanter included! Everything is thought out for a good red Bordeaux, they are made of glass from Bohemia, the Czech Republic and It stands out for its great transparency, luminosity and sound.

They have a shine and tone that stand out.
They have a shine and tone that stand out.
The Corte Ingles

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