an iconic recipe from the Christmas menu that is perfect in the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer

There are very particular recipes associated with a particular season: Christmas. And Sirloin Wellington is, like few others, one of the most traditional. Just the thought of that juicy, savory morsel, steamed after the puff pastry cut, makes our mouths water.

Well, now imagine replacing the traditional cooking finishing this dish in the Xiaomi air fryer. The result not only satisfied our expectations, but also takes the original one step further, delivering a crunchy texture.

How to Make Sirloin Wellington in an Air Fryer

It is said that the official court cook of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, invented this recipe in his honor as a prominent soldier – his decisive victory at Waterloo earned him the rank of Field Marshal by Napoleon himself. It works for us, even though there is no documentary record that traces the original recipe.

It’s French, of course, and ingredients like duck foie gras and duxels (the sliced ​​mushrooms and shallots) they make it very clear. A classic that can also be prepared with fish or in individual portions. Anyway, we talked about a delicious and very attractive dish to dress up a table at Christmas.

Sirloin Preparation 2

Sirloin Wellington Preparation

By the way, although we are very proud of our recipe, there is also an alternative to cream. Cream is frequently used to “homogenize” this stuffing made up of shallots and mushrooms, helping to texturize the excess water released by the vegetables. But the reality is that it lowers some of the flavor of the meat and you can delete it without problem.

What to serve Sirloin Wellington with


On the other hand, as we have indicated, you can integrate into the duxels raisins or even chestnuts, a preference of Gordon Ramsay. It breaks a bit with tradition but goes wonderfully with this mix of sweet and savory flavors.

To accompany we have two suggestions: a coulis of red fruits and some potatoes, also cooked in the air fryer according to the recipe indicated by Xiaomi Home: 17 minutes of cooking at 200ºC. Remember that you can download it and follow the steps from your Xiaomi mobile.


For the coulis we used a bag of frozen fruits made up of blueberries, blackberries, currants and cherries. Put these fruits to cook in a saucepan or pot with the juice of two oranges and a glass of red wine. You can use white wine or even must. In 10 minutes of cooking you will have a jam ready to accompany.

In addition to potatoes, as a secondary garnish, you can also use baby carrots, radishes, mashed potatoes or honey-candied cherry tomatoes. Finally, and before serving the sirloin, it is important to let it rest for 10 minutes. This will make cutting easier. It can be served whole or in fillets in slices of about 3 centimeters.

Sirloin Wellington

You see that the result has nothing to envy to the same baked recipe. The meat was perfect and consistent, and the inside is even juicier than after cooking, as it is usually ready in about 10 minutes less and at about 10º less temperature. In summary: you will save time, money (from energy expenditure) and you will have an ideal recipe to showcase this Christmas.

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