Change to digital prescriptions: it will no longer be possible to present a photo of a medical prescription

All pharmacies and healthcare facilities must provide prescribed medicines in electronic or digital prescriptions (Europa Press)

The Ministry of Health of the Nation, through resolution 3622/2022 published today in the Official Gazette, provided that photos of paper medical prescriptions sent by mail or WhatsApp to buy a medicine or request a prescription will no longer be valid. treatment.

can only appear digital recipes with certified electronic signature.

In dialogue with Infobae on Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Health, Sonia Tarragona, pointed out that what is sought is to regulate the prescription of drugs, because with the pandemic, exceptions have been authorized. Like digital channels to present medical prescriptions so that patients with psychiatric, chronic or acute pathologies do not have to go to pharmacies to continue their treatment in full confinement.

When a medical professional signs the prescription digitally, “they have the signature recorded and have the authority to issue a prescription and a prescription,” the official explained.

The Electronic Prescription Law was enacted in August 2020
The Electronic Prescription Law was enacted in August 2020

Patients could no longer present or send to the pharmacy a photo of the prescription on paper, a prescription by email, or a prescription by WhatsApp, since in these cases these are photos, captures of images which “have no not validated the signature or the license plate of the professional who does it, this has only been activated in times of a pandemic Yes, of course, The digital prescription is always validated, in fact there is a law on electronic prescriptionwhich is not yet regulated due to a series of complexities”, completed Tarragona.

“The previous procedure whereby a patient could send a photo of the prescription violated a series of laws, such as the Pharmacy Law, the Professional Practice Law, etc.,” the official said, adding that for this reason , is a procedure that has been authorized on an exceptional basis in the context of the health crisis.

The Chief of Staff of the National Ministry of Health, led by Carla Vizzotti, remarked that “dad it has a digital recipe because it validates the competence of the professional who signs and validates the signature”.

Image captures of paper prescriptions will not be valid for purchasing drugs (EFE)
Image captures of paper prescriptions will not be valid for purchasing drugs (EFE)

The National law 27,553sanctioned in August 2020, indicates that the prescription of drugs can be carried out in electronic or digital prescriptions and they can be signed with handwritten, electronic or digital signatures throughout the national territory.

The regulations apply to prescriptions or to medical, dental or other professionals authorized to prescribe prescriptions in the fields of health care and pharmaceutical care.

By law, any pharmacy or pharmacy department of healthcare facilities must provide the drugs prescribed in electronic or digital prescriptions without objection.

The electronic prescription law has already been passed two years and four months after being assented to but it has not yet been regulated, so it remains to be defined how the instrumentation will be to adapt existing electronic systems to use prescriptions digital and telehealth care platforms.

Recipes must contain the following information in the national language: surname, first name, profession, employee number, address, telephone number and email if applicable. Only positions or technical titles registered with the competent authority may be advertised and under regulated conditions.

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