Cheetos Duster, the Cheetos mixer to get orange powder for your snacks

Americans are known for their bizarre events. And this is accentuated in the culinary field, where one can find combinations that present themselves favorably while the rest of the world looks at them in astonishment.

It is true that questionable mixtures are common in all cultures (melon with ham, grapes with cheese, pizza with pineapple…), but the United States has a good share of strange culinary crosses. One of his most notorious obsessions is cooking with snacks. In the so-called first world power, they are able to do Sweet Potato Casserole with Trinkets, Peanut Butter Potatoes, and Even Fritos Cake. It’s no surprise that where they are the number one power in the world is in obesity rates.

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Recipes like Mac and Cheese Cheetos went so viral that the brand itself launched sachets of powder to be able to make this paste. Faced with the great popularity of Cheetos powder-based meals, the Pepsi subsidiary decided to go further, the launch of a Cheetos “blender” so consumers can extract powder from snacks themselves and thus expand the range of recipes.

'Cheetos Duster', the new occurrence of, replacement image

‘Cheetos Duster’, the new occurrence of Cheetos/Amazon

Cheetos Duster, the machine with which to transform Cheetos into a culinary spice

Since 2015, the brand started using the word cheetah‘ to define that orange powder that stays on your fingers while eating that snack. To produce said dust, Cheetos releases the Cheetos Duster, a reference to the word dust (dust) in English.

How to use the Cheetos Duster Cheetos Duster Instructions for use, replacement image

How to use the Cheetos Duster Cheetos/Amazon

This kitchen utensil it is similar to a blender or a chopper, but with the characteristic color differentiation of the brand and a serigraphy with the name of the product on the front. If we want to know how it works and what we can do with it, Cheetos has prepared a video (also very American) in which he explains it, stating that this blender can appeal to young and old alike and that the number of recipes that can be made with cheetah they are infinite.

From Turkey Leg to Cheetos Gingerbread Cookies

The range of recipe suggestions for Cheetos powder is vast and in some cases not for all stomachs. The page devoted exclusively to this curious cookbook is divided into two parts: one dedicated to savory foods and another dedicated to desserts and sweets.

All recipes include the quantities and ingredients needed to make them, as well as the steps to follow and an advertisement at the end of the type of Cheetos bag that was used in this case.

The salty section explores the more everyday hot dogs, pizzas and burgerseven Latin dishes like tacos or elotes.

Whole and Powdered Cheeto Burritos Burritos with Whole and Powdered Cheetos, Hover Image

Whole and Powdered Cheeto Burritos Cheetos/Amazon

In the case of sweet recipes, we are entering swampy ground. Without a doubt, the Gingerbread Cookies, Hot Chocolate and Cheetos Cupcakes They are not to everyone’s taste.

That's what Americans call This is what Americans call 'churros', placeholder image

This is what Americans call “churros” Amazon/Cheetos

If you too want to try these recipes, Cheetos has an agreement with Amazon to sell its Cheetos Duster on the platform. Yes for now It’s only available in the US for $19.95.Although everything indicates that it will eventually reach all the Amazons in the world. Let no one run out of Cheetos powder.

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