Chef Maria Nicolau puts TikTok to cook with her cookbook

Cover of the book “Cuisine ou Barbarie”, by María Nicolau.

After selling more than 25 thousand copies from his book “Cooking or barbarism” (kitchen! or barbarism), published in Spanish just a few months after its initial launch in 2022, the chef Maria Nicolau It has become a food and social media publishing phenomenon. The book, prefaced by Dabiz Munoz and with an epilogue Joseph Rocaseeks to recover the cheap menus and home cooking to which gastronomic communication has turned its back, and has managed to captivate fans of his work, critics and, above all, users of ICT Tac who reproduced the recipe of Operetta.

The chef began her culinary journey at the age of 14 years old and three years later he went to work in a hotel kitchen to help pay for his college education. sociology and politics; shortly after being able to pay Hostelry and since that moment he has not been detached from the heat of the kitchen. Her culinary career has led her to work in various establishments in Spain Yes France. These fragments of his life are recounted in the pages of “Cooking or barbarism”.


His life took a turn when he managed one of the main trendy restaurants in diagonal avenue of Barcelonait was then that he decided to change the glamor of urban haute cuisine to devote his time, his efforts and his talent to a restaurant of Vilanova de Saua town on the outskirts of Barcelona and with only 300 inhabitantswhere he now offers his menu for only 25 euro.

“Through her, I encode and decode the world. My story is very similar to that of the 90% of cooks who have no voice. Those who work in school canteens, polygons, residences, bars or normal restaurants. And it is important that we are listened to in order to change things”said Maria Nicolau in interview with The country.

Maria Nicolau He has been writing on his website for about ten years and has collaborated with some digital media, but it is with the publication of “Cooking or barbarism” (Cuina! O barbarism), his first book, which has become an editorial phenomenon. The first edition came out in Catalan and a few months later the Peninsula publishing house took on the task of translating it into Spanish and including the prologue of Dabiz Munozloyal fan of the trajectory of Nicholas.

The book of “Cooking or barbarism” It is not just a recipe book, it also contains some autobiographical texts of its creator, her tips on different culinary techniques, her family stories and pays homage to cooking as the backbone of her life, with the aim of conquering an uninterested public. in cookbooks. But there is something that stands out above all, the recipe for the zarzuelaa traditional Catalan fish stew that has become the star of this book and a real trend in ICT Tac.

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instagram is dedicated to sharing fake end results, it has inoculated us with the seeds of dissatisfaction, because what you see out there in your house doesn’t come out. You have to reverse the process: I don’t care where I’m coming from, but where I’m leaving: I open the pantry or the fridge and I cook with what I have there so that it’s tasty and warm . You have to communicate differently. Stews stretch the budget, they make us able to solve the equation. You can make a stew with vegetables and pasta. It’s more nutritious, cheaper, healthier and it also helps us preserve our identity,” said Maria Nicolau in interview with gastroattitude.

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