Cipolletti pharmacies no longer accept prescription photos

Following the resolution of the National Ministry of Health that prevents pharmacies from accepting prescription photos (a mechanism accepted in the harshest times of preventive and compulsory social isolation), different Cipolletti pharmacies have explained how this is implemented in the city. Only paper or electronic medical prescriptions with digital signature will be valid.

So well the medida has been put in vigencia, se habla que esta modalidad podría mantenerse para algunos especial cases, como por ejemplo, para los pacientes con condiciones crónicas y tratamientos prolongedados, por lo menos hasta finales de febrero, pero eso aún no está confirmedado totally.

In this context, various sources consulted by LM Cipolletti have specified that PAMI and Ipross already use a digital system for issuing prescriptions, with which the user only has to give some information to the pharmacist so that he can find the medicine to ask for.

“Both PAMI and Ipross already have their prescription system, for which the patient only has to give us his affiliate number and the medical request appears there, with a unique identification. But in both cases, these systems have already been in place for some time,” detailed from the Apothekaria pharmacy.

From now on, the patients must obligatorily request the prescription on paper.

“For all other cases, in which the prescription is not digital, the original must be presented to the pharmacy. Photo, or copy by e-mail or fax, is no longer allowed,” added this same source, and clarified that the big problem with this mechanism was in the photo itself, since in many cases they were not of good quality, which the information of the professional was not clear.

Although no official reason was given as to why this measure was put in place overnight, local pharmacists stressed “better control of prescriptions”. “With the system in the photo, it could happen that bad people send the same prescription to five different pharmacies, and for some reason this type of prescription does not have a number, at no time in the system the ‘prescription duplicates’ a warning is displayed”.

This is how they detailed that, for example, the prepaid OSDE has come to not accept prescriptions issued the same day, to avoid this type of scam.

“Even though it is cumbersome for people, because before they could only ask the doctor for the prescription by calling him on the phone and now it will require them to go to the doctor’s office to pick them up; Little by little, social works will set up electronic prescription systems, which will eventually facilitate this process, ”they confide from this pharmacy.

The Ipross application has grown considerably

With this big change for pharmacies, Ipross affiliates will not see their medication purchase routine changed, mainly because provincial social action was already implementing a similar system.

“We have mobile electronic validation (VEM) through the Ipross Río Negro app, of our own manufacture and growing. When the pandemic appeared, we projected, in different meetings, the digitization of the relationship between the doctor, the pharmacy and the member”, explained the president Alejandro Marenco.

ipross app

In this way, the decision of Obra Social was to process everything electronically: the medical consultation, the qualification of the service and the supply of inputs are digitized. “For example, everything related to sexual and reproductive health is done electronically. This national law takes companies and doctors who have not yet adapted to digitization by surprise. The Ipross app started with some 3,000 downloads and today we are over 70,000, which means we are on the right track,” added Marenco.

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