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The arrival of the cold implies that of winter and of Christmas. And it is that this last stage is very important dates where many traditions are followed. Illusion and magic appear, especially in the little ones, and it is we who take care of making them happy.

It’s because of it many families bet to decorate the house with the tree, the portal of Bethlehem, place the lights and other accessories for the expected arrival of the Magi. However, Christmas is about more than gifts, it’s also about reuniting with loved ones and being grateful for all that one has in life.

The other protagonists of family gatherings are meals, and there is nothing better than having a good time. Well, yes, having a good time with delicious and exquisite dishes without investing a lot of money and effort.

It is very common to place delicacies of all kinds on the table, from seafood to meat. However, many people cannot afford it, because on these dates the price increases exponentially. For this reason, we have chosen best christmas cookbooks on amazonso that you can feed your loved ones with the best quality, but above all with the best flavor.

In addition, you will find the perfect recipes, since you can change some ingredients in case they are difficult to obtain, allergenic or because you do not like it. Same you can take inspiration from different options and combine them, or create your own. All offer appetizers, main and side dishes to desserts. So you can choose whether you prefer a more traditional or more modern menu, because everything counts!

This book contains up to 150 varied recipes to prepare the best dishes and conquer the palate of your loved ones this holiday season. In its 193 pages They explain the meals step by step such as cakes, starters, main dishes, desserts, sauces, cocktails, soups and spices.

You will find all kinds of sauces, jams, pastas, soups, jellies, steaks or meats, among others. Some of the recipes are Round Peppercorns, Lebkuchen Brownies, Fig Spirals, White Chocolate Mousse, Orange Stuffed Cookies, Boar Foot, Rosemary Soup with Glazed Duck Liver , beef tenderloin with herbs, turkey, roast pork with plum jam, mustard pork tenderloin with cream sauce, cinnamon chicken with mulled wine sauce…

Inside you will find how each dish is made, step by step and with all the details so that you can create a true work of culinary art. In addition, they will allow you to adapt them to all tastes, to replace the ingredients with allergens, because they are difficult to obtain or for any other reason without altering the result.

You will find both traditional recipes and the most modern, because the most important thing is that you find your perfect dish. It is ideal for exploring your own limits in the kitchen, innovate and surprise your family. This book is available in Spanish in hard copy or kindle.

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Christmas recipe book

The book written by Samuel Aguilar Coca and Anabel Carbonell Acedo is a great option for finding ideas for cooking this holiday season. Contains 193 pages where you will find up to 80 different recipes to recreate them yourself at home.

Of the 80, 21 are for appetizers and canapés, 8 are varieties of soups and creams, 17 are meat recipes, 9 are for fish and the remaining 25 are for typical Christmas desserts. Because you set the limits yourself!

All are suitable not to assume a big expense in the pocket but they are exquisite. Because it has been shown that it is not necessary to invest too much money to have delicious meals, since the main objective of these dates is to enjoy the kitchen and the family.

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Kitchen Reading Book

If you want these celebrations to be a total success, Lecturas Cocina magazine is for you. It is a volume which contains more than 150 recipes Lots of variety for all family members. You will find all kinds of original and tasty dishes, from small bites, gourmet starters with a presence of seafood and smoked meats, to salads and savory tarts, tulips and volouvans with surprising garnishes.

But it doesn’t stop there, you can also create authentic delicacies with meats as protagonists: roasts (stuffed capon, duck à l’orange, puff pastry turkey…), rack of lamb, suckling pig, sirloin Wellington or roast pork. Everything will be accompanied by garnishes and accompaniments. However, if you prefer fish, you will find a variety of seafood dishes such as turbot gratin, hake with mushroom risotto or salted lobster.

And that’s not all ! Also offers you up to 3 full menu options so you don’t have to think about it yourself. The first is designed for Christmas Eve dinner, while the second is focused on New Year’s Eve dinner and the third is for the Three Kings meal. Likewise, it also includes a report where you can see the most typical Christmas dishes of each Autonomous Community, in case you feel like innovating and trying new things, or if it inspires you.

Finally, it should be noted that They offer alternatives to traditional dessertssuch as panettone, polvorones and logs, as well as the most modern, such as chocolate delights, mini apple savarin tartlets, frozen hemispheres, brandy truffles…

The issue includes the following topics:

– Small delicacies.

– Complete guide to choosing and cooking poultry and seafood.

– Christmas roasts.

– Classic dishes, success at the table.

– Wellington, a delicious sirloin steeped in history.

– Party menus.

– Label the dishes.

– Journey through Christmas gastronomy.

– Desserts from the chefs.

– Homemade sweets.

– The art of entertaining at home.

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