delicious croquettes, oysters a gogó, calçots, spicy cocktails…

Nothing like paying homage against the off hours. Today, Monday, the day described as the saddest day of the year, we must not get carried away by melancholy… something that can last for the rest of the week if the melancholy continues to rage. Or, quite simply, if you want to offer yourself a good price.

‘Because you’re worth it’ was the slogan of a well-known cosmetics brand, but today we make it ours and bring you a whole host of gastronomic options to enjoy and chase away the dark cloudsat least in your head.

The Croquettes and a touch of spice are not missing from our selection since today is their world day, but we also suggest you go eat calçots, go on a tour with a first-rate gourmet rum or try a vegan brunch. Few things are as comforting as happy birthday and forget the sorrows.

a) Calçots, an essential ritual

Until the end of the season, you can taste delicious calçots, some sweet tasting spring onions, at the Candeli restaurant (Madrid); there is no shortage of romescu sauce, where to dip them, nor the traditional bib to avoid stains. All accompanied by a selection of Catalan dishes that make up the menu: tomato bread, brandade of cod, chops grilled over a wood fire and sausage mongetes (small white beans). In the finish, Catalan cream. A banquet at the price of 45 euros (minimum 2 guests).

Candeli calçots come directly from Valls (Tarragona).

2) The best croquettes in Madrid…

…and if not, top five. today is el World Kibble Day and, so that they don’t miss out, we suggest you go to the Inclán Brutal Bar restaurant.Although it’s an informal place and with a hilarious eccentric touch, they make some of the best croquettes in Madrid. They are ham, creamy, perfectly fried… An unmissable delight! And keep asking too some cocktails: they are excellent. In Rosi la Loca, from the same chain, there are also 10.

Creamy Iberian ham croquettes at Inclan. @MarioGomez.

3) sicily forever

Directly from Palermo. At Ozio Gastronomico, one of the best Italian-Sicilian restaurants in Madrid, we offer a interesting menu in which the bottarga is the key ingredient. These tuna roe, salted and dried using traditional methods – a relative of our mojama, made with the loins – are added to dishes as appetizing as linguine, artichoke flowers with leek cream and even a chocolate cake. With water and coffee included, its price is 45 euros; You can also enjoy pairing with premium Sicilian sparkling wines.

The beautiful dining room of Ozio Gastronomico.

4) Gastronomic rum pairing

If your experiences are strong, the “Ruta Brugal 1988” will cover more than 60 sites in the capital, Alicante, Marbella and Bilbao. In these conferences, this excellent rum – rested in barrels of bourbon and oloroso wine from Jerez – is fused with the best national gastronomy. From Etxanobe Bilbao to Estimar Madrid or Boho Club (Marbella)), all recognized with Michelin stars and Repsol suns. An unforgettable experience that combines haute cocktails and haute cuisine.

Sea urchin with shrimp tartare from Estimar Madrid.

5) New Year’s ring (againit’s worth it)

China Crown Restaurant celebrates the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit with a exclusive menuor that it will be available from January 22 to February 9. A special selection of dishes with wonton soup and liverdim sum with black truffle veil mushrooms, crispy lobster cannelloni and, as a highlight, the beijing imperial ducka superb preparation which requires five hours of cooking and to which beluga caviar is added. There is no shortage of different mochis for dessert. Its closed price, drink included, is 90 euros.

A crown plate from China.

6) A light vegan brunch

Bet on the vegan brunch at the Adorado Bar, with two establishments in Lavapies and Calle Ferraz. Understand roasted eggplant, sliced ​​avocado, beetroot hummus, arugula, marinated cucumber with foccacia curry, porridge and fruits and ses energy ball (dates, nuts, white sesame and chocolate). Also coffee or tea, all at the price of 14€. A casual, modern and local and home cooking.

A perfect brunch to offset the excesses of Christmas.

7) spicy cocktails

Today, January 16, is also World Spice Day. and Lovo Bar celebrates it with two very special cocktails honoring the day. Eastern Codex (€12) which has rum, pineapple, cinnamon and a hint of hoisin sauce and Mr. Covarrubias (€13) with tequila, mezcal, citrus, Pandaagave tarragon, peach and jasmine. And they are dedicated to the artist Joséphine Baker, muse of the place.

Lovo Bar and its spicy cocktails.

8) Cooked in three rounds

You’ll have to wait a bit until Friday the 20th, but it might be worth it: Falling Leaves Restaurant begins its famous “Friday stew”, which is served three times and with grilled marrow. A lively and informal place with background music to taste this stew made with the best raw materials and inspired by the recipe of the chef’s grandmother, Juan Luis Dastis. It is located inside Bingo Roma, so it is for adults only. Have dinner show the night in a versatile proposal with the prominence of the grill.

The traditional Falling Leaves stew.

9) oysters to take away

And tired of these delicious shellfish in one of the best Oyster Bars in Barcelona?. Do not hesitate, go to the Mercado de la Boquería and go to Joël. An oyster bar where you can taste different types of bivalves, from Galician to the famous Gillardeau, opened by a professor scale. Natural or with other additions such as ponzu sauce and trout or pickled eggs. But also Lobster rollscaviar, shrimp salad… or some good cheeses.

Oysters from Joel’s Oyster Bar.

Many and varied possibilities to celebrate your Blue Monday in the conditions and change the color of your day. All this on the occasion of World Croquettes and Spicy Food Day.

Note: None of the restaurants or establishments mentioned has been selected for any commercial reason, their choice is a purely qualitative and journalistic decision. The prices are purely indicative.

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