Digital recipes: some people can still submit photos of orders, who are they and until when?

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  • Goodbye receipts by WhatsApp: when does the ban come into force?

After the Ministry of Health ordered this week that medical prescriptions sent digitally via a photo will no longer be valid in pharmacies, the wallet in charge of Carla Vizzotti was forced to come out to clarify some questions around the measure.

As formalized in resolution 3622/2022 published in the Official Journal last Monday, all picture of a medical prescription sent either by email as well as by an instant messaging application such as WhatsApp it cannot be accepted as valid in pharmacies.

Digital prescriptions: which medical prescriptions are still valid and in which cases they will not be authorized

Farewell to prescriptions by email and WhatsApp: these are the only digital medical prescriptions still in force

Standard canceled wing Resolution 696/2020, of March 31, 2020which had authorized the prescription “in the form of SMS or messages via messaging applications via the web, mail or fax”, within the framework of the social, preventive and compulsory isolation (ASPO) who at that time ruled the country.

This does not mean that all digital recipes are repealed, but rather photo of medical writing: it is because in this way unable to validate signature of the responsible professional.

So now only the settlement approved by Congress more than two years ago will begin to run: the Law 27,553, which regulates the validity of digital prescriptions issued through a official system which allows pharmacies to confirm that the submitted order is real.

The government no longer allows the presentation of a photo of a prescription at the pharmacy.

Therefore, the repeal of the prescription photo does not imply that the patients who have used it the most – generally, those with cancer or treatment for chronic non-communicable diseases – must physically attend to the doctor’s office and receive the indication on paper, handwritten. On the contrary, the digital recipe delivered by the official software It can arrive by post and be presented at the pharmacy or at the health centre.

Despite this, various doubts and complaints have arisen regarding this new decision by the Ministry of Health, for which The entity issued a statement clarifying certain issues and specifying the date on which the old system will permanently cease to operate for a particular sector of people.

Goodbye receipts by WhatsApp: when does the ban come into force?

Although Resolution 3622 specifies in its article 4 that the ban on presenting photos of medical prescriptions in pharmacies should be in force from the day of its publication in the Official Journal, i.e. this Monday, December 26, the Ministry of Health reported an exception.

After an agreement between the portfolio in charge of Vizzotti and the various pharmaceutical associationsthe Provincial Council of Works and Social Services of the Argentine Republic and the Superintendence of Health, a special extension for patients with chronic diseases.

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So, to those who suffer from conditions of this type and habitually use this modality, “The photo of the prescription will be accepted in pharmacies until February facilitate the transition process.

Moreover, the Health Declaration recalls that at the time, the authorization to present photos of medical prescriptions “had been issued so that patients with chronic pathologies they didn’t have to move continue his treatment in the middle of isolation”.

Now, however, “in a different epidemiological and health context, it is essential to return to the usual procedureswhich allow greater safety and traceability of medicines, promoting their rational use”.

Finally, they pointed out that, for drugs not intended for chronic diseases, “the prescription of drugs by means of electronic or digital prescriptions still the same as now throughout the national territory”.

For those who suffer from chronic illnesses, the photo of the prescription will be accepted in pharmacies until February 28.

This implies that “all pharmacies, pharmacy services of health establishments and health establishments must supply the prescribed medicines with handwritten or electronic signature“.


As before the pandemic, digital and/or electronic prescriptions that are now accepted are those that have an electronic or digital signatureas established by the Digital Prescription Law, which is in the implementation phase, and the Electronic Signature Law.

Thus, the prescription must:

  • Ensure the identity of patients and doctors.
  • Prescribed drugs must be authorized by ANMAT,
  • Be identified by its generic name and be part of a scientifically validated therapeutic indication, within the framework of the rational use of medicines.

This order is issued by a official software, available to all service providers and used by a large number of licensed physicians. “The exception mechanisms that are repealed with this resolution they did not give the necessary guarantees to comply with these precepts”, they allege to the Government.

Pharmacies are responsible for carrying out checks for dispensing, generating the records required by law and also respecting the traceability of the drug delivered.


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