End-of-year dinner: 3 Colombian recipes to say goodbye to 2022

With the arrival of 2023 delicious prescriptions to be shared with family and with those closest to you, gastronomy is at this moment the protagonist where it is supposed to bring to the table flavors and smells that enliven the festivities.

The December season has become the perfect excuse to spend quality time with loved ones. Donuts, pastry cream, milk riceTurkey, among other preparations, became one of the highlights of this December meeting.

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The New Year’s Eve dinner is an opportunity to share with family and friends.

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If you’re tired of traditional cooking, don’t despair and don’t be discouraged by repetition, because it’s time for a change. menu. Here we teach you how to make new dishes so that you surprise those who will spend these special festivities with you.

Colombian recipes for New Year’s dinner

Next, we show you 3 preparations and an essential ñapa of Colombian tradition with which you can innovate during your New Year’s Eve dinner.

Option 1: Colombian chicken empanadas

There are different types of empanadas that you can find in Colombian territory. Unlike the others, you can add ingredients to this type of empanada to accompany the chicken.

You will think that the preparation can be expensive, the truth is that you can have fun preparing them at home, so go ahead, buy the ingredients and get to work.

Here you have the whole recipe.

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Option 2: Colombian mixed rice

Rice is a dish that goes with everything and appeals to many palates. Moreover, you can find it at a low price and in different shapes, sizes, brands and colors.

Likewise, you can take advantage of the versatility of rice to add the ingredients you want, season it in different ways and accompany it with your favorite topping.

Taking into account the above, this time we will teach you how to prepare a rice blended in Colombian style, perfect to share with family and friends this December season.

Here you have the whole recipe.

Option 3: Pork Loin

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Mexico, when this meat It is properly prepared provides a wide variety of nutrients for the body. For example, it is a good source of vitamin B1, which helps convert the food eaten into the energy the body needs.

Of the pork meat you can get a variety of products such as ham, blood sausage, chorizo, bacon, pâté and lanyard. The latter is a good option for this Christmas because its versatility allows us to highlight the flavors incorporated into it.

Here you have the whole recipe.

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The inevitable napa: chicken stew

the sancocho It is a soup that can have different variations, depending on the region of Colombia where each person is. For example, on the Coast, with all the heat of the summer sun, it is the star dish of Sunday family gatherings.

On this occasion, we will use chicken as a protein sancocho, which gives it an exquisite flavor. Likewise, it is one of the most sought-after meats for this type of recipe. Therefore, here we teach you how to prepare this delicious dish.

Here you have the whole recipe.


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