Enjoy the Spain vs Germany game with this recipe to make delicious pretzels

in the heat of fever world Cupthe truth is that our stomachs are also predisposed to proving that the small snackthat the chessos, that the bandages and all we can think of to eat while watching the game of our the countries favourites, What Spain and Germany, a few countries, which have their fans and fans quite strong, at least in the case of the first country, where two of the most popular leagues in Europelike him Real Madrid and the famous Barcelona.

But since we know so little about soccer and more than foodWell, the World Cup for us is a celebration of prescriptions, because it means knowing a little more about the gastronomy of the different countries that compete there on the ground. This is why today we dedicate this text to Germanyone of the countries whose gastronomy is not always talked about or not as frequently as Spain, France and Italy.

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