Five recipes with surimi, fresh, easy and inexpensive to prepare for any day of the week

The surimi we like; It’s those orange fish sticks that you normally find in salads, sushi and even that famous sauce that we love to put on sushi (especially if it’s breaded), the tampico. Without a doubt, we would like to include it in more and more recipes for our meals, because it is an extremely economical and versatile ingredient. For this reason, I will share five recipes with surimi that you can consider for any day of the week.

And although many people think surimi looks like shrimp or crab paste, it is actually processed fish meat. A bit as if there were fish sausages. The surimi It originated from a technique used by the Japanese to keep leftover white fish from spoiling. Your name “surimi” it actually means “minced meat”.

Although it is a processed food, it is not entirely bad, as it provides a high amount of protein and contains very little fat. but it also contains starches and sugars in significant amounts. For this reason, It should not be abused either.. We can not deny that the taste is good and that the price is accessible, however it is necessary to moderate.

We share these five recipes that you can easily prepare at home, for those days when it’s hot and you don’t feel like cooking, or when you just want something fresh.

Tuna and surimi dip

This recipe is perfect for snacking and whetting your appetite before a meeting or a special meal. You can also serve it on the table or snack with crackers while you chat with your guests. Best of all? It is very simple and inexpensive to prepare. Check out this tuna and surimi dip.

Avocado stuffed with surimi salad

When looking for ideas for a meal starter or for an always light dinner, one of the first reflexes is to think of a salad. There is no doubt that they can be very good alternatives, like these delicious stuffed avocados with surimi salad, which are actually very easy to prepare.

Salads with Surimi 5

Chicken and surimi salad

If you fancy something more substantial, you can definitely make this Chicken and Surimi Salad that exceeds all expectations. Although it seems strange, white meat goes very well with seafood. The result is very interesting, do not stay with envy and try this rich and fresh salad.

Surimi Salads 4

Surimi, cabbage and carrot salad

It is one of the classic recipes to prepare with surimi, which is usually prepared at home during Lent. It’s super fresh, cheap and easy to prepare. Discover this recipe for surimi, cabbage and carrot salad.

Salads with Surimi 3

Surimi and avocado sandwich

On the contrary, if you want to take something more hearty and easy to transport, you should undoubtedly prepare this sandwich with surimi and avocado. Very easy, fresh and comfortable to prepare.

Salads with Surimi 2

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