four recipes to prepare the smoked pork leg, a dish that cannot be missing from your table

When the end of year we have nothing else in mind but to prepare a christmas dinner make it unforgettable for everyone. There are families who have their drawer recipes for these dates, but it never hurts to innovate and try very Christmas recipes that can fill our tables with color and life. One of those dishes that gives us a great opportunity to do so are the classic Christmas recipes prepared with pork leg. Everyone loves it because it goes great with everything from sweet salad dressings to enchiladas.

We have many options for you to prepare these next dinners, from the simplest to the most elaborate, with fruits and a honey glaze. There are some for all kinds of tastes and needs, because if you consider that you want to prepare a simpler recipe that does not require more time, you can choose a simple recipe like simple seasoning or with cola sauce.

If you haven’t decided which main dish to bring to dinner yet or if you feel like making one very traditional Christmas recipebut you don’t know what kind of recipe to prepare, we will share with you these classic smoked pork leg recipes.

So that in this dinner of Good night Yes Christmas spoil your loved ones with all the comforting warmth of a delicious home-cooked meal, we’ll share with you these four recipes for smoked pork leg and in slices that will undoubtedly give your palates an affectionate hug.

Pork leg in the oven

This is one of the simplest recipes in which you can prepare a leg of pork in the oven: spiced with pepper and coriander; a recipe without too much complication and with ingredients that are easily found at home. It will take you longer to let it cook than when it is ready to bake; but you can always let it cook while you do the rest of the Christmas preparations.

Pork leg with cola sauce

What would you say if I offered you a recipe that you can prepare with classic ingredients that you surely have at home? You can take a look at this delicious and simple Coca-Cola smoked thigh recipe. It will become your saving recipe for this next Christmas dinner, because it is very easy and extremely quick to prepare.

Short Christmas Recipes Smoked Leg Recipe 2

Marinated pork leg

This is one of our star recipes and the one everyone is looking for: the classic marinated pork leg. It is a very simple recipe and with a superior flavor. We love this smoky taste of chili marinade, very classic in Mexican recipes and which we love to prepare for Christmas. For example, it was my grandmother’s star recipe and it could never be missing from the table during dinner.

Short Christmas Recipes Smoked Leg Recipe 4

Smoked Ham with Pineapple and Sweet Glaze

This is one of those most traditional Christmas dishes, very colorful and delicious. It’s a leg prepared with fruit and a honey-mustard djon glaze, almost cake-like, which is an ideal presentation for Christmas dinner. It has a mild, sweet and delicate flavor that contrasts with the acidity of the fruit. Prepare this recipe for Smoked Thigh with Sweet Glaze.

Short Christmas Recipes Smoked Leg Recipe 3

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