Freeze Christmas Food | Recipes you can cook and freeze a few days before Christmas

Christmas of the year with record inflation looms just around the corner. According to the OCU price observatory, the prices of the typical products with which we Spaniards prepare lunches and dinners on these dates increased by an average of 5.2% compared to 2021, although in some specific breaths the recovery is much higher.

The increase comes to wear out the already punished pockets. That is why it is always good to remember some ideas that allow us to save without giving up the usual recipes. And in a privileged place of homemade anti-inflation measures, one simple idea stands out: freeze.

Buy early, before prices go up, was already something common in Spanish homes, and this year it may take on even more importance. But what we’re not always so clear on is which specific products it’s best recommended with. And, at the same time, another question arises: Can we cook our recipes to save labor, as well as money, on key dates?

Here are some keys to freezing Christmas foods:


Seafood is one of the classic Christmas snacks most associated with freezing. In fact, many times we will already find them like this in the fish market and frozen food stores. However, If we want to do it with spider crabs, crabs or lobsters, it is advisable to cook them and let them cool before putting them in the freezer.


In the same way that we probably will for the rest of the year, meat is one of the foods that best withstands the freezing process. For this reason, advancing the purchase with lamb, chops or the choice of our taste will always be a wise decision. Of course: it must be thawed in the refrigerator and given enough time.


There is also no problem in freeze almost any type of fish, probably one of the most expensive products we will find if we want them fresh. Before putting it in the freezer it is advisable to clean it well, wash it and prepare it in pieces or portions. Thawing should also take place in the refrigerator.


Croquettes ready to freeze. Shutterstock

some delicious croquettes they can become one of the most succulent temptations when we serve starters. And, moreover, it is an elaboration that perfect for freezing. Before frying them, of course. In this way we will only have to remove them to bring them directly to the pan. In this case, yes, we will save more work than money.


In many dishes sauces and broths are essential. It won’t be easy to save money with them either, but they can be prepared and frozen ahead of time for more relief when it’s time to enjoy the table. If we except the case of homemade mayonnaise, the freezer will once again become an essential ally.


Freezing already cooked food is a more delicate matter, but not impossible. It will depend on each recipe. Neither fish nor vegetables, for example, will lend themselves to it. Neither does the potato, even if it only accompanies certain dishes. It is also advisable to avoid freezing poultry meat that has already been cooked. Prepared dishes that hold up well to the process are fatty meats, especially stews and casseroles.


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