From pizzas to cupcakes, veterinary baking recipes for your pets

Veterinary confectionery is an emerging branch of pet food that is gaining space as an alternative to diversify one’s diet. Some snacks such as pizza, cookies and cupcakes are a natural and ideal feeding option to offer our pets in this December season.

Boqui bocados is a company born in 2015 and dedicated to bakery and confectionery for pets. He was trained by veterinary doctor Natalia Pérez.

“I founded it because of the need to give my dogs healthy and natural food. One of them had digestive problems from a commercial snack. It encouraged me to read about nutrition animal and I realized that products could be made with inputs that we use daily, taking into account that some ingredients cannot be digested in the same way as humans,” Pérez commented.

The veterinarian doctor started baking cookies according to his own recipe. At first, he tried them by giving them to his pets and there was the desire to be able to mass produce them. Little by little its range of products widens. “After the cookies, we start making ice cream, we make it with protein and fruit. Then we make cupcakes, cakes, pizzas, jellies, among others.”

Boqui bocados products have been adapted to complement pet parties such as birthdays and Christmas. They are suitable for consumption by dogs and cats. On the other hand, “with cats, it is more complex because they are strict carnivores. And if they get used to eating concentrates, it is difficult for them to change their diet”, he specifies.

In its preparations, the company includes a wide variety of natural ingredients, except for those that are difficult for pets to digest. For example, they do not use chocolate, garlic, onion, eggplant, grapes, among others. “We take into account that there are animals that are lactose intolerant and, like humans, do not all tolerate food in the same way. We therefore assess each animal to find out what type of food is suitable for them”he explained. As for the flours, they handle integral, rice and oat types.

Pérez commented that the acceptance of his products has been good, Boqui bocados already has the capacity to ship nationwide. “We have customers in Barranquilla, Cúcuta, Medellín, Cali, they already know us and know the benefits of our products,” he said.

For next year, Boqui bocados hopes to expand its offer of snacks and also produce other types of food suitable for breakfast or lunch for pets. “The idea is to start producing feeds that can replace concentrate. Despite the facilities it offers, on certain occasions it is not as beneficial as being able to feed our animals natural feed”, a- he concluded.

In order to know more about the offer of this company, you can find its products through Facebook like BoquiSnacks, instagram like @boquibocados and on his WhatsApp line 3195948292.


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