guilt-free cocoa dessert

Some recipes become classics because they are wonderful combinations of ingredients, due to their texture, their aroma and what we feel when eating them. A brownie is undoubtedly one of those that you will easily find on the menu of any restaurant and I can assure you that in very little you will enjoy it to the full or because the quality of the ingredients used is not so good, and this is reflected in the result. , or because they are simply 5th-range versions that weren’t even prepared in the kitchens of those restaurants.

What are we looking for in a brownies? Well, basically, an intense flavor and aroma of pure cocoa, a small amount of fat that makes it acceptable and a dense, chewy texture that makes for a decadent dessert we deserve to enjoy guilt-free.

Experimenting in the kitchen can lead us to achieve wonderful results with the ingredients that we have in our healthy pantry and that allow us to adequately control the amounts of fat or sugar in any recipe, without implying that we consume more of this type of food. frequently.

The truth is that in this recipe, which is as simple as a cocoa porridge baked in the oven, we manage to remember some aspects of an original brownie.


  1. We will start by preheating the oven to 200°C. In a bowl, place the wet ingredients: vegetable drink, vanilla essence, date paste, melted and tempered coconut oil. Stir lightly and start adding the dry ingredients: the flaxseed, the cocoa, the whole whole oats, the pinch of salt, the baking powder and the coconut chips, of which we will have reserved a small part for place on the preparation.

  2. Mix everything well without crushing and let stand about 5 minutes so that the oats are hydrated. Pour the mixture into a large rectangular mold or several individual molds. It should not be too high, between 2 and 3 centimeters high is what the mixture should occupy. Place the remaining cocoa chips on the mixture and place our favorite nuts.

  3. Cook until the surface is cooked, dry to the touch but not over it, it should be moist inside. About 25 minutes is more than enough, you can check the condition during cooking, being careful not to burn yourself, there is no risk of it going down since there is no flour in the mixture and this is not really a cake.

  4. Take out of the oven and let cool down. If we want to serve it, we can regenerate it for 30 seconds in the microwave to find that pleasant brownie texture.

If we like it, we can serve it for breakfast, cutting it into small bites and adding a little milk or vegetable drink to taste. All that remains is to enjoy it!

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