Home cooking recipes with Divina Cocina

cooking is a very old activity What brings many benefits personal, economic, social and even for health. It unites and strengthens families, friends, social and business relationships; in addition, share around a table varied dishes and balanced ingredients while spending free time or talking about various topics such as politics, economy, religion, football or the peculiarities of daily life.

Although it is believed that cooking is a complex task, difficult to carry out because you do not have the qualities of an expert chef or because you do not have all the elements such as electric pans, choppers , among others, Anyone who wants to venture into the world of cooking can do so.

It’s only necessary to take the initiative and seek the means to get.

For example, learning to cook and prepare delicious dishes is possible thanks to the recipes of Divina Cocina which always turn out well and brighten up people’s lives. the perfect place to learnstep by step, for prepare several recipes for all occasionsfrom the simple drink to the most delicious buffet.

Below are home cooking recipes with Divina cocina; what should a good recipe have; and why Divina Cocina is the best place to look for recipes.

  1. Home cooking recipes for everyday life

Home cooking certainly requires effort and dedication, discipline and a good palateotherwise the recipes may be the result of tedious activity without the slightest pleasure.

Deciding which dish to prepare on a weekday can be a simple task, but a bit difficult on holidays with the arrival of guests, unexpected people, friends who come from afar, etc. However, whatever the day, the truth is that the Home cooking recipes must be the most exquisite with a personal touch that makes them unique.

In Divina cocina you can find different recipes day by day such as salads and dressings; appetizers and tapas; pasta and breads; rice; Pasta; eggs; soups and creams; a wide variety of vegetables; legumes and cooked; seafood; meat; chicken and poultry; sauce and garnishes; desserts and drinks.

For example, in one day for breakfast or lunch you can cook it delicious huevos rancheroswith Mexican corn tortillas, served with white rice, chopped avocado, beans and of course a delicious hot sauce.

another day, For dinner, a delicious pumpkin cream, special for autumn, which can be accompanied by spices such as curry or ginger to give it a lot of aroma. Furthermore delicious salad, ensaladilla or dressings with a multitude of healthy and natural ingredients to liven up the dinner.

As well, if the day is a very special date like the birthday of a loved one or friend; Christmas; Holy Week; Halloween; Anniversary of marriage or boyfriends; fall, spring, summer or winter seasonIn Divina Cocina you can find all kinds of ideal recipes to share on these important dates and events.

For example, turkey breast stuffed with ham and cheese It can be eaten hot with gravy in the stew liquid, or left to cool and served in medallions with chopped fresh lettuce and mayonnaise.

or maybe in Holy Week sweet and savory recipes very easy to prepare for living the time of vigilance and spiritual recollection, as green beans, white asparagus, cravingor desserts like French toast, pestiños or buñuelos.

  1. What should a good cooking recipe contain?

The best home cooking recipes should contain the following fundamental elements:

  • good quality ingredients

Fresh, healthy, that is to say wholesome, ingredients that appeal to both the preparer and those who consume them. That they do not cause allergies, stomach discomfort, rejection because of their smell. Hopefully the traditional foods manage to have a positive impact on the guests.

However, these “strange” ingredients, of foreign origin, can also be a good option for making a delicious homemade recipe.

  • Optimal and innovative preparation

A big part of the success of any homemade recipe is prepare well. Even if there are gourmet, light, low fat, low sugar ingredients, etc., If you do not have the minimum knowledge how to prepare a drink, a soup or a cream, a dessert, most likely after the first attempt the cook will give up in Continue with the preparation of the recipe.

For this reason, when there is no certainty about the step-by-step for the preparation of homemade recipes, It is advisable to inquire in the Divine kitchen to be more sure of the process that must be carried out.

The art of cooking is perfected by errorof continuous practice, therefore, when preparing any recipe, it is well make room for innovation test new ingredients, their possible combinations, new smells and flavors.

  1. Why choose Divina Cocina to watch recipes?

Divine Kitchen is where everyone can consult recipes and put them into practice from the comfort of their home. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough cooking experience, this website in a simple and easy way, through videos, pictures and written information explains hundreds of recipes it can be done any day of the year.

Offers multiple recipes for all kinds of occasions: Christmas, Halloween, Easter and fall, spring, winter and summer seasons. In addition, tutorial videos that explain the preparation of many traditional and homemade recipes.

With just one click you can have all the information how to prepare a drink, dessert, cream or soup, different types of vegetables, chicken and poultry, meat, fish and shellfish, among other foods. A kitchen notebookcooking tips and techniquesin addition international recipes to vary the menunear light dishes for those who love vegan or gourmet cuisine.

In Divina Cocina, simple recipes to brighten up life. Quick and easy step by step recipes. Easy recipes that always turn out well.


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