Honey from Soria, certified national almonds and centuries-old recipes, the key to the success of Soria nougat

As tradition dictates, each Spaniard will again consume almost a kilo of nougat in the coming weeks. A consumption that is advanced every year, even a month before.

As statistics show, almost 80% of Christmas sweets sales are of this typical Christmas product, compared to the remaining 20% ​​of marzipans, polvorones and other sweets. Thus, the workshops of the craftsmen of ASEC (Association Soriana de Confectionery, Pastry, Pastry and Confectionery) have already put their hands in the dough to make about a ton of nougat that we will consume this Christmas.

Nougats for all tastes: classics such as soft or hard nougat, praline, truffle, egg yolk, guirlache, Cadiz bread, cream and nuts, Soria butter, Swiss (emblem of Confitería Almarza, in Almazán) , etc…

There are newer ones like cava, which can be bought at Pastelería Gil, also in Almazán, or pistachio at Dulces Duero, in Soria. Other Christmas sweets such as candy egg yolks (specialty of Confitería González, Almazán), marzipan, panettones, polvorones or Christmas roscones, can also be purchased in confectioneries and pastry shops in our province.

In the case of the Soria workshops, the production is 100% artisanal, all done by hand, with traditional and age-old recipes. The raw material, from Soriana whenever possible and, if not possible, of national origin.

This is the case of Pastelería Moraga, in El Burgo de Osma, the nuts and honey used for some of its preparations come from family farms in towns near this town, in the same region, “and what we cannot not get to Soria Whenever possible, it is of national origin”, explains Piedad Soria, who manages this pastry shop. “We must support each other. We buy and use raw materials from Soria whenever we can”, adds- he.

The same in Almazán, according to Celina Almarza of Confitería Almarza. “We use the almonds that have the most flavor and quality, the Marconas, from Spanish producers. We are sure of it, because they come with their certificate of national origin,” he explains.

An artisanal nougat, like that of El Abuelo José Luis, in Arcos de Jalón, who today is “almost” the fifth generation of artisan pastry chefs in this family business.

Enrique López, who is already beginning to leave the company in the hands of his daughter Paula, says that throughout their lives they “have bet on traditional, artisan, high quality nougat, with national raw materials and made almost the day “.

Like every year, from the Constitución bridge to December 24, they open the doors of their workshop and serve all those who come to Arcos de Jalón only to buy their traditional nougats. López says “we don’t leave anyone without nougat,” so if a customer arrives and doesn’t find the workshop open, “they can call us and we’ll be happy to help.”

The nougat of Soriano already attracts tourists from the bridge of La Inmaculada who come to our province to buy this typical sweetness that cannot be missing on the Spanish Christmas tables. Thus, this year he has been the protagonist of a “strange” bridge in the workshops and offices of the province of Soria. This is confirmed by the confectioners associated with ASEC.

As Almarza (Confectionery Almarza) assures, it has been “a strange bridge, in which sales have been distributed a lot” throughout the almost 10 days of this double bridge characterized by continuous rain. Despite everything, in the words of Almarza: “we were able to work well and take care of each client in a personalized way”.

In the capital, Mantequerías York and Dulces Duero claim that it has been a very positive bridge in terms of the sale of artisan nougats, and they add that “the first roscones de Reyes have even started to be sold”.

The great inflation we are experiencing does not seem to affect the sale of these Christmas products.

ASEC’s confectioners are very satisfied with the great reception reserved for their products by Sorianos and foreigners. Customers appreciate above all the quality of the product and the origin of the raw materials. The customer is ready to pay a little more, if he knows he is buying a quality product. As Mónica González, from Confitería González, states: “the increase in the price of raw materials has been noted, but this increase does not negatively affect the sale of the final product, since it is a handmade candy and high quality, and it shows”.

The campaign has only just begun, so the confectioners of Soria expect sales to continue to increase and be very positive, despite the inflation suffered in recent months.

Grandfather José Luis, from Arcos de Jalón; Yemas González, Pasteleria Gil and Confitería Almarza, in Almazán; Confectionery El Torero, in Berlanga de Duero; Venus Selection, Café Nueva York Pastry Shop, York Butter Shops, Dulces Duero, in the town of Soria; and Pastelería Moraga, of El Burgo de Osma are the establishments currently associated with ASEC (Association Soriana de Confectionery, Pastry, Pastry and Pastry), founded in 1978.

It is one of the oldest professional associations in Soria. An association that perpetuates the province’s pastry tradition, based on quality raw materials and age-old recipes. Its members work to ensure that the province’s pastry craftsmanship is recognized throughout Spain.

ASEC is part of FECSoria. Founded in 2001, the Federation of Soria Entrepreneurs is integrated into the FOES (Federation of Commercial Organizations Soriana), the Commercial Confederation of Castilla y León (CONFERCO) and the Spanish Confederation of Commerce (CEC).

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