How to look like a great cook by following a TikTok account

The TikTok community is very creative and continues to grow. In fact, the content related to culinary arts and gastronomy has tripled in popularity On the platform.

In Spain, through the Mediterranean diet, homemade recipes or more elaborate dishes, some tiktokers have managed to seduce the public with their ability to disseminate and adapt to new trends.

Paula Casado is a Spanish chef and recipe creator residing in New York who trained in Spanish and French cuisine at the iconic École Cordon Bleu Madrid.

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After 10 years of working in the fashion industry as a consultant, she changed from seamstress needles to chef’s knife, pursuing her big dream. He started creating social media content in February 2022 and is now accumulating nearly 50,000 followers on TikTok.

In your profile (@paulacasadochef), teaches recipes for dishes as sophisticated as raw sole or eggplant Ottolenghi. However, one of his most viewed videos is a recipe on how to make the best homemade meatballs.

Its cuisine is suitable for all levels of cooking knowledge and it is designed so that everyone can see that it is possible and easy to prepare healthy dishes to eat well, both in the office, with a tupperware, and in the bathroom to spend the best romantic dinner.


MagasIN spoke with her to learn the essential keys to becoming a true elite cook with her TikTok videos.

Recommend us a perfect recipe for office tupperware and one to surprise that special someone on a romantic date.

For me, there is nothing more comforting than a hot dish that travels well, the kind that “gets better” after a day or two of cooking. Some of my favorites are meatballs and traditional spoon dishes, like Pumpkin Chickpeas which I created following the grandma’s recipe by Natalia Palacios.

… But for a date, I’d bet on the raw ones because they seem easy, delicious, and have great results. They can be made with practically all the fish found in fishmongers: shellfish, sea bream, salmon and even sole. And with a little more elaborate dressing, we have a big dish worthy of conquering anyone. My favorite is probably the gold one for its simplicity and accessibility, but if you have the feeling This person is ‘the person’, order a red tuna belly and prepare this tartare that will seduce you forever.

Do you have a favorite dish?

Without a doubt, lentils have been my favorite dish for as long as I can remember and it’s the one I always ask my parents to cook for me every time I come back to Madrid… Because I love them!

We are not born great chefs, what advice would you give to someone who wants to get into the kitchen?

To be curious! Try everything, don’t be reluctant to certain types of ingredients or cuisines. Opening the mind and the palate helps a lot to expand the taste repertoire and to be able to create incredible new combinations. Creativity is trained and stimulated and, of course, no one is born knowing this. Try recipes you like, add your own twist, be intuitive, and if they’re wrong, they’ll be fine next time. The kitchen is a constant trial and error And along the way, you learn a lot.

Today, the access we have to information is incredible and extremely valuable; documentaries on great chefs, books of all kinds, tiktok channels of cooks and amateur with amazing ideas. All of these stimuli contribute to wanting to practice and improve as cooks, but the key recipe is to try, try, try and be very curious. You don’t have to leave your city to have access to different cuisines and trying new ingredients makes Click on in our taste memory and it will help us to be better cooks almost without realizing it.

Can you be a great cook even when you have little time available?

Of course, and even more so if you cook for more people who praise and appreciate you. This will make us start looking for more holes to cook and try new recipes. It’s hard to cook every day when you have full-time jobs and many other activities to balance, but taking advantage of these times to create nutritious and delicious recipes is so empowering that it can become a very positive habit. .

What do you think are the biggest benefits of learning to cook hand in hand with TikTok with profiles like yours?

I think the fact that someone did the research previous, that it presents you with recipes that have been tested many times and with quantities, times and techniques that work so that as a user you can decide if you like it and go for it, knowing that it will turn out well, is the advantage with capital letters. It also opens up a range of possibilities for us because it invites us to get out of the routine of basic recipes and with combinations and ingredients that you might not have thought of before.

On my channel, in addition to offering recipes with high creative value, I also try to introduce techniques and types of cuts so that users who watch my videos learn them smoothly and have an additional incentive.


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