how to make aztec tortilla soup, with all the flavor of mexican cuisine

One of the favorite and favorite soups in my kitchen and in almost all Mexican cuisines is tortilla soup, Although it may seem complicated, once you practice it you will realize that it is actually easy to make because we always have its ingredients in the fridge, it has all the flavor of the mexican cuisine and it is a treat for our palates and our memories. And it’s a very good entry-level classic and versatile!

In Mexico, the tortilla is our best ally in the kitchen, it can be prepared in green enchiladas, red enchiladas, in enmoladas, enfrijoladas, in golden tacos, with eggs, as tortilla chips for snacking, and in chilaquiles. We couldn’t choose just one of these dishes because they are all delicious and exquisite, but today we are going to make the Tortilla Soup because it has vegetables, dairy, rich spiciness and it looks amazing.

Brief History of Aztec Soup

Although it is a dish prepared all over Mexico, very few people know the story of its origin. The birth of tortilla soup, according to a site specializing in Tlaxcalan gastronomy, goes back to the time of pre-Hispanic cultures, long before the Spanish conquest. It was created in the state of Tlaxcala, which by its name already tells us that it is a “place where tortillas or corn land abound”.

Legend has it that the first tortilla soup was made by mixing fresh corn with dried kernels, at the behest of an ancient Aztec emperor. Although, oddly enough, this dish was not known as soup or broth. The ancient inhabitants of the Tehuacán Valley used stone containers to boil corn and prepare different dishes, but this broth was born from the need to prepare softer foods that will facilitate the digestion of corn.

With the arrival of the Spaniards in the 16th century, indigenous communities adopted the tradition and recipes for broths, and so tortilla soup gradually evolved into the dish we know today: fried tortilla strips, broth of tomato, peppers, chicharrón, avocado, cheese and cream.

We are ready to start preparing your favorite soup.

  • We’ll start by frying the julienned tortillas in a skillet with plenty of oil or in your air fryer. Remove and let drain on absorbent paper.

  • Cut your tomatoes in half, peel the garlic and onion and fry them with a little oil.

  • Clean the chiles, removing the seeds and some veins to avoid extreme heat and add the whole guajillo chile and half of the pasilla along with the tomatoes.

  • Once everything is fried, take them to the blender with two whole tortillas and grind thoroughly.

  • In a frying pan with a little oil, pour the tomato that has just been crushed, salt, pepper and oregano to taste, add a sprig of fresh epazote and leave to season over low heat. If necessary add a glass and a half of water.

  • Cut the remaining half of the pasilla pepper into thin rounds using a pair of scissors.

  • Cut the panela cheese into cubes along with the avocado. Reserve everything that we have just cut.

  • In a deep plate, serve our broth as soon as it is ready. Add the julienned tortillas that we fried, add the cheese cubes, the avocado and the pasilla pepper rings.

  • Finally, add cream to taste and that’s it. Habemus Tortilla Soup!

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