How to make breaded calçots – Discover this delicious recipe with this traditional Catalan dish

Calçots are a variety of spring onion, with a slightly sweet flavor, which is used to make traditional calçotadas, a typical recipe of Catalan gastronomy. The calçotada consists of grilling them, usually to be enjoyed outdoors, in good company and as part of a delicious barbecue. Despite the fact that freshly roasted vegetables with romesco sauce are delicious in this way, there are other culinary proposals to savor the rich calçots. One of the easiest to prepare and perfect for the whole family is the one we offer you in this OneHOWTO article, in which we indicate, step by step, how to make breaded calçots.

Steps to follow:


Clean the socks carefully to remove any soil that may stick. Cut both ends to a minimum, removing the roots and leaves at the greenest tip.

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How to make breaded calçots - Step 1


Once clean, put the calçots on a tray and roast them in the oven at a temperature of around 200º – 220 ºC about 30 minutes (turning halfway through cooking).

At the end of this time, remove the baking sheet from the oven, cover it with aluminum foil and let rest the vegetables, keeping their heat, for a few minutes.

How to make breaded calçots - Step 2


Meanwhile, prepare the ingredients for make the dough. Put the flour in a plate, in another break the eggs and beat them with a little salt and in a third prepare the breadcrumbs. Reservation.


The next step is to peel the calçots, that is, removing the outermost layer of each of them. You can do it, in a very simple way, by holding the lower part (root area) with two fingers and, with the other hand, pulling the tip, as you would if you were eating it a la calçotada.


Reserve the ready-to-bread calçots and put in a large skillet with plenty of oil. Let it warm up.

How to make breaded calçots - Step 5


Dip each calçot in flour. Do this only lightly, so as not to create too thick a layer. Then, bathe the calçot in the beaten egg. To finish the dough, pass it in breadcrumbs so that the vegetables are very well wrapped in an outer layer which, when fried, will be extra crunchy.


With very hot but not smoking oil, go fry the calçots. A few minutes on each side will suffice. If you have it, you can also make the calçots in the fryer


Have a tray covered with breaded and put in the calçots recently prepared to eliminate excess oil.

wait for them to cool down a bit taste your breaded calçotsalone or with a touch of the sauce you prefer, although the one that suits them best is romesco.

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  • Beating the calçots is a good idea to take advantage of those that may have remained from a calçotada or a boot made in the oven.
  • To make this recipe, the calçots must be cooked beforehand before returning them to the pan. You can make them in the oven, as we have indicated, but there are other options. You can cook them for a few minutes in a large quantity of water with a little salt or put them to boil in the microwave. Either way, cook them for just a few minutes (no more than 5 – 7) so they don’t get too soft. Also, once cooked, drain them and put them in cold water for a few seconds to completely stop the cooking.
  • If you feel like it, instead of coating the calçots with flour, egg and breadcrumbs, you can do it with a delicious “tempura”. You can prepare it by mixing flour with a beaten egg, a pinch of baking powder and half a glass of very cold beer. Stir and bind with a fork until you get a creamy mixture and coat your calçots in it. Fry and enjoy!
  • Breaded claçots are delicious as a starter or first course, as an original garnish, especially in meat recipes, or as an ideal ingredient to share and “dip” by dipping them in different sauces.

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