How to make marzipan at home, step by step

the Marzipan It is a traditional candy made from ground almonds and sugar. It is often used as a filling in cakes or to make figurines and Christmas decorations. Although its origin is uncertain, it is believed that marzipan has its roots in the arab world and that he came to Europe through Spain. In this recipe, We will teach you how to prepare marzipan at home in the traditional way. With this recipe you can enjoy a sweet and delicious candy that will transport you back to your childhood. Let’s start!

As we said, marzipan is a candy made from ground almonds and sugar in equal proportions. There are many ways to make marzipan at home, and often an ingredient is added to help bind the almond-sugar mixture into the base. Some of the most common ingredients for this are water, egg white, honey, or a combination of these.. Thus, we get homogeneous and easy to handle dough.

Recipe: How to make homemade marzipan INFORMATION

Recipe: How to make homemade marzipan

To make the marzipan, you will need ground almonds, icing sugar and eggs. the The preparation time for this recipe is about 20 minutes. in all.

Ingredients for making marzipan at home

  • 250g ground raw almonds

  • 250 g icing sugar (or prepared without sugar for marzipan)

  • 1 medium egg white

  • 1 yellow

  • You can also add vanilla or almond essences to give it an extra splash of flavor.

Almond paste recipe: here’s how you can make homemade marzipan step by step


  1. Combine ground almonds and sugar in a large bowl.

  2. Add the egg white and mix well.

  3. Knead the mixture with your hands until you have a smooth, workable dough. If using a Thermomix, use the knead/poke function until the dough comes together into small balls.

  4. If the dough is too sticky, add more almonds and sugar in equal parts. If it is too dry, add a little water.

  5. Wrap the dough in plastic and let it sit for half an hour to moisturize.

  6. Cut the dough into pieces and knead into figures to taste. If you have traditional molds, use them.

  7. To make the long bacon stuffed with egg yolk marzipan, set aside some of the almond-sugar mixture and add the yolk until you get a consistency similar to regular marzipan. Let this dough rest as well.

  8. Make a cylinder with the yolk mass of the desired thickness, cover it with a piece of ordinary marzipan and roll it up. Pinch the ends to even out the size.

  9. Roll the roll to make it even and hide the seam. Place on a baking sheet (on paper or non-stick sheet) and cut diagonally with a knife. Brush with egg yolk and bake for 2-3 minutes at high temperature, watching so that it does not burn.

  10. Let the marzipans cool on the baking sheet or on the paper so that they don’t break, as they are fragile when they come out of the oven.

Note: If you want to make the dough ahead of time, you can freeze regular marzipan with egg white and use as needed.


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