how to make Matcha Mochis quickly and easily

Fancy an international dessert? these matcha mochi they will become your favorites and you will want to make them all the time; it’s a classic mochi Japanese that you will be able to prepare easily, and you will fall in love with it just by seeing this fluffy, green and delicious little ball, it also looks very Elegant.

This dish appears to be a colored chocolate, but it is not. It is a very special Japanese dessert, since it is consumed on very important occasions, such as its New Year festivities, but thanks to the food lovers of this country, we are increasingly delighted with this type of recipe curious.

Where do you come from?

This dessert has been traditional in Japan for thousands of years. The first time there is a written record of this dessert is in a classic novel of 12th century Japanese literature titled Gengi Monogatari, here the mochi is described as an offering to their ancient gods. Something like what pulque would be for the Aztec gods here in Mexico, and as expected; The importance of this candy has been passed down from generation to generation and its consumption only started to become popular on relevant dates such as Japanese New Year or important family events.

Its consumption is particularly preferable during the Japanese New Year holiday due to the ceremony of mochitsuki, this ceremony consists of the preparation of this dessert, traditionally it is done mostly in family because it requires more than one person to perform it, not only because of the waiting time, but also because of some parts of the procedure . This mochi is prepared with boiled whole glutinous rice and must first be soaked for a full day, then pounded with a kine (wooden mallet) in a usu (traditional mortar).

But that’s not all, one person will be in charge of hitting the mace with repetitive and strong movements, and the other will be in charge of rotating the mace so that it receives the same number of blows from all sides. They must be perfectly coordinated so that the grains of rice become a perfectly elastic and sticky mass, which is why it is such an important ritual in Japanese families.

Japanese traditional kine and usu

For our matcha filling

  • In an aluminum pan, spread your fresh hazelnuts and cook them for ten minutes at 175°C. After ten minutes, remove them from the heat and let them cool for a while.

  • Take the cup of hazelnuts in a food processor and grind until there is a very fine paste.

  • In your own food processor, add 1/4 cup almond milk, two tablespoons matcha, two tablespoons agave syrup, and one tablespoon extra virgin solid coconut oil. Cover the processor and continue grinding until everything is integrated into a solid paste.

  • That’s it, we already have matcha spreadable and delicious, but if you want it to look like a kind of foam, you can replace the coconut oil with four grams of gelatin diluted with almond milk and leave it in the refrigerator for three hours.

For the mochi dough

Since we don’t have utilize and one cattlewe are going to use a rice flour binder so that the preparation of our mochi is faster.

  • While our filling is curdling, we will begin to prepare the dough for dessert. In a bowl, mix the flour and 80 grams of sugar, sifted beforehand, and add a glass of water.

  • Cover your bowl with plastic wrap and microwave for 2 minutes. Then move the mixture and heat it for another two minutes, then quickly beat the dough again.

  • When you notice that it acquires a translucent and shiny color, our paste is ready.

  • On a clean, dry table or large surface, spread some cornstarch, covering your hands as well. Remove the mochi dough from the bowl very carefully as it will be hot and bring it to the surface with some cornstarch, sprinkle some more over the mixture and start kneading until everything is evenly coated. It should stop feeling sticky.

  • Add as much cornstarch as needed while kneading and flattening the mixture. The thickness should not be very large, it should be something very thin, but strong enough. If you wish, help yourself with a rolling pin.

  • Once the dough has flattened, cut it into 12 squares of the same proportion. Remove excess cornstarch, place on a tray lined with plastic wrap or waxed paper, then refrigerate for half an hour or until cold.

  • Once the mousse is ready and the mochi dough is cold, use a teaspoon to scoop the filling into the square and close it into a ball or rectangle shape. You can seal the ends with a few drops of water and more cornstarch.

  • Wrap them in plastic wrap or wax paper and refrigerate for 1.5 hours or until firm.

  • After the rest time, you can take them out of the fridge and share them with whoever you want. This recipe is incredibly easy, the only hard part will be the wait.

Matcha mochi

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