Infusion of vitamin C that helps us lose weight

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After a period of parties and abundant food and drink, our body needs a period to return to its normal state. a time for purify oneself from gastronomic excesses and a much needed glass of wine. Water retention and gastrointestinal problems are two of the big problems that we usually face after accumulating many meetings around a table to eat and drink.

In this process of finding balance in our organism, the infusions become our great allies. In fact, there’s almost one of these drinks for every case: if you’ve been drinking too much, try this liver-cleansing burdock infusion. If your cholesterol level has increased, hibiscus tea is the most suitable option

; And if you notice more swelling because you’re retaining more fluid than necessary, bet on this horsetail tea.

For heavy digestions, you can opt for this peach drink. Cinnamon or birch infusions will also help us to gradually eliminate this accumulated fat. All this, yes, must be accompanied by a balanced diet and physical exercise.

Today we add to this long list of beneficial infusions to help our body lose weight a new infusion and, also with a supplement: has a high amount of vitamin C which will protect us from possible colds and colds. It is a drink made with a natural fruit. Want to know what it is?

You can sweeten this infusion with a teaspoon of honey – GOURMET

The infusion that contains more vitamin C than an orange

The infusion we are talking about is the rosehip tea. It’s him wild rose fruit. Garnet-coloured rosehip contains four to five times more vitamin C than an orange.

It is therefore an infusion Ideal for preventing respiratory infections and other flu or catarrhal processes.

But also, rosehip infusion It is perfect for fighting water retention. It acts as a powerful diuretic. And, being rich in tiliroside, an antioxidant with fat-burning properties, it becomes the perfect drink if your goal is to lose weight.

And, be careful, because it has more benefits: the infusion of rosehip is recommended in times of lack of energy.

How to make rosehip tea

Alone we need about 15 gr. of these fresh rose fruits. Wash them and cut them in half.

Then, we put the water on the fire and, when the water is hot, we add the rose hips. Subsequently, we wait for it to boil and remove from the heat. Let stand for about five minutes. Filter and voila! We already have our rosehip infusion to drink.

if you want to give for a sweeter touch, add a tablespoon of honey or another natural sweetener which you like. Of course, if you can, do without sugar because, in addition to being unhealthy, it will add too many calories to this delicious drink.

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