Julie Andrieu and her 150 kitchen ideas

Julie Andrieu, food critic and host of the popular show La2 Julie’s recipes, defines herself as an amateur cook. take now 10 years criss-crossing France in his red convertible in search of the essence of the gastronomy of each region from his country.

Cover of the book ‘Julie’s Recipes’ PLANET

Following these gastronomic journeys, his immense curiosity for everything that surrounds us, he presents today his intimate cookbook, the book Julie’s recipes, 150 ideas for everyday cooking.

Among the 150 everyday ingredients that she proposes to explore in her book, Julie Andrieu invites us to discover three with which she likes to cook, not so much because they are her favourites, but because they are quite misunderstood. It refers to the buckwheat flour, bottarga and mackerel.

“I do not forbid myself anything. I allow myself everything”

Plus, she shares with us one of her favorite recipes that she often cooks at home. A versatile dish where you mix bulgur, zucchini, chorizo ​​with whole almonds, curry and mint. It is also used as an accompaniment to fish or meat and can be served hot or in a cold salad. “I really like the mix of these flavors,” says Julie, who believes that any food can be cooked in a thousand different wayseven though “each of them has their magic recipe, their ideal way of expressing themselves”.

make sure she enjoy the salty taste more that of sweet, although if you have to choose a dessert, it’s clear to you, go for the dark chocolate. As a cook, she considers that one of her great virtues is not setting limits: “I forbid myself nothing. I allow myself everything”; on the other hand, among his faults, he points out that he is not very organized. “I quickly turn the kitchen into chaos”.

Mother of two children, she likes to share with them her curiosity for cooking and they share many moments between the stoves. “I try to stay curious at all levels. They watch me cook all day. So we talk about it, they help me and we often cook together: homemade pizzas, sushi and pasta. These are his favorite dishes,” he tells us.

creativity in the kitchen

When it comes to making a great breakfast, Julie opts for hearty recipes. “I make quite extravagant breakfasts because I’m very hungry in the morning, so maybe I’ll make a variety of toast with Italian burrata, or green tomato jam, which – he says – is one of his specialties, or chocolate chips on toasted butter, which is excellent.” His favorite kitchen utensil is a knife. and in his pantry, he admits to us, he never lacks yessoy sauce, olive oil, an excellent cider vinegar, parmesan, butter, pasta, almonds and spices.

Recipes for all kinds of occasions

In her latest cookbook, Julie classifies the recipes according to the different occasions or according to the seasons of the year. So for example for a elegant dinner suggest preparing a red mullet marinade Look at the recipe!

What super easy dishwhy not cook one Lamb shoulder?. It is cut into pieces, cooked in a pot in the oven with white wine, olive oil, garlic and rosemary. Cover the pot and cook for an hour and a half. Just remove the lid 30 minutes before for it to caramelize. “It really is the best way to eat lamb for me,” says Julie.

If we have to choose a recipe for a meal for two invites us to prepare egg clouds. Here is the step-by-step recipe:

Another recipe.Cas an aperitifinvites us to enjoy the artichokes and make a delicious artichoke and eggplant tartare.

10 years looking for recipes in a red convertible

The gastronomic journalist has been traveling for a decade with her television program, meeting many amateur cooks, whose great attachment to the land and to cooking has established itself as “bearer of history, memory, memories”. “Sometimes I ask people, why are you doing this? And they say to me: well, I don’t know, because my mother did it like that and my grandmother too”.

Julie travels through France in a beautiful red convertible, a Peugeot 304 convertible. “There were several cars, several 304s and as they were dropping out we were taking parts to make a new one. So we had three or four, and today we only have ‘a living one because we asked a lot of him. He has done the Tour de France several times.

*You can enjoy her gastronomic adventures on tour in France every day on the show Las recetas de Julie, on La2, and always, anytime – free and online – on RTVE Play.


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